Everyone Hates Going To The DMV, Including Celebrities Like Rebecca Romijn

Even celebrities like Rebecca Romijn have to go to the DMV. Although the DMV is in the public eye, apparently it’s the one place celebrities can’t get out of going. In interviews and social media posts, Romijn and other celebrities have revealed that they, too, are forced to wait in line at the DMV to update their driver’s license. Romijn is a special case.

‘I Won’t Go To The DMV’

How many times have you dreaded going to the DMV? Have you ever had an enjoyable experience there? In the 23 years I’ve been going to the DMV, I can only think of one time that was sort of ok. However, it was far from enjoyable.

Surprisingly, celebrities also have to go to the DMV. Even when they have a name change, some celebrities will wait years to change it on their driver’s license. On a Conan episode a few years ago, Romijn shared why she refused to go to the DMV to have her name changed after remarrying.

The talk show host confronted Romijn on the show after a staffer noticed her driver’s license still read Rebecca Romijn Stamos. At the time, the actress had been married to her husband, Jerry O’Connell, for six years. She had also been divorced from John Stamos for eight years.

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When O’Brien asked Romijn about her name, the model admitted she just didn’t want to go to the DMV. “I am so lazy,” remarked Romijn. “I won’t go down to the DMV and stand in line and get that changed.”

Haven’t we all felt that way? Who wants to go stand in line and wait just to have your driver’s license updated? I, too, have had to wait in line to have my name changed on my driver’s license after getting married. Even with confirming that I had all the papers I needed before waiting in line, there was still one proof of marriage that I had neglected to bring with me. No wonder we all hate the DMV.

Celebrities Have To Wait In Line Like Everyone Else

Even though Romijn had to go to the DMV (she has privately changed her name to Rebecca O’Connell since then), do all celebrities really have to go there? According to a California DMV rep, the answer is yes. “[Celebrities] make an appointment just like everyone else,” a rep for the California DMV says. “But if it becomes a safety issue, like with paparazzi, they can go to a back room.”

According to both the California and the New York DMV, celebrities do not receive special treatment. There may be special accommodations, but those are granted on a case by case basis.

A few years ago, Robert Downey Jr. shared his experience of waiting in line at the DMV. As the actor shared in his Facebook post, “Gettin’ my renewal on at the Santa Monica DMV.” Apparently, being a celebrity doesn’t give you special treatment at the DMV.

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