Everything We Know About Dave Grohl’s Wife, Jordyn Blum


There’s no disputing that Dave Grohl is a living legend. From drumming for Nirvana to fronting the Foo Fighters, Grohl is one of the most well-recognized names in rock music. However, fans know far less about his wife, Jordyn Blum.

Blum is actually Grohl’s second wife—the musician was married to Jennifer Leigh Youngblood from 1994 to 1997—but it’s clear she is his one and only. Here’s everything we know about Jordyn Blum and Dave Grohl’s marriage.

Grohl Met Blum In 2001 While He Was Playing Wingman For Taylor Hawkins

Jordyn Blum and Dave Grohl’s love story began in 2001. According to Grohl’s interview with Q Magazine, Blum accompanied a friend to the Sunset Marquis whiskey bar in Hollywood. Her friend immediately hit it off with Taylor Hawkins—Grohl’s bandmate—while Blum gravitated towards Grohl.

According to the musician, he believed he didn’t have a chance with Blum. “So I’m just having some drinks and acting like a jackass. And by the end of the night, I was pissed and I’m staring at her going, ‘You’re my future ex-wife,”” Grohl said of that first night. “So she gave me her number: ‘Jordyn, your future ex-wife.’ We saw each other a few times.”

Apparently, Grohl and Blum lost touch because the rocker didn’t think he was ready to settle down. However, not long after their fateful meeting, Taylor Hawkins had an overdose. Grohl rushed to his side, paying witness as his friend and bandmate flatlined twice.

Hawkins recovered, but the whole ordeal made Grohl get serious about his and Blum’s relationship. “I called her up and she said, ‘Wow, I never thought I’d hear from you again.’ So I took her to a restaurant right next door to here. And that was that,” Grohl recalled.

Blum And Grohl Have Been Married For Almost 20 Years

Despite getting off to a rocky start, Grohl and Blum got married on August 2, 2003. Per the website Virtual Globetrotting, Grohl and Blum currently share a massive estate in Los Angeles.

In 2006, Grohl and Blum became parents to their daughter Violet Maye. Three years later, the couple welcomed another daughter, Harper Willow. Five years after that, they had yet another daughter named Ophelia Saint.

According to Grohl’s interview with PBS NewsHour, his daughters are determined to follow in his footsteps. “In my house, I’ve got a full rock band and they’re all women,” he said at the time.

Grohl also told Ellen DeGeneres that he’s a pretty hands-on dad.

“My day starts at about 5:45,” he said on the talk show. “So I get up, and I get in the shower, and I get my act together. Then I gotta get them up out of bed, but then I gotta get the snack packs going.”

“While I get the snack packs going, they come into the kitchen, and I get the breakfast going. I get them dressed, and I get the backpacks and the snack packs into my minivan, and then I get them in the minivan, and I sit in traffic for 45 minutes.”

Blum Directed The Music Video For ‘Walking A Line’ In 2002

According to WeGotThisCovered.com, Blum started her modeling career at just 17 years old. She even reportedly graced the cover of Teen Magazine. The website FeelNumb.com managed to hunt down the 1994 edition. According to the profile the publication did of Blum at the time, her favorite bands included the one and only Nirvana.

Blum seems to have landed consistent modeling work for years. Sometime in the early 2000s, Blum appeared in a commercial for an Italian chewing gum commercial.

According to Grohl’s interview with Q Magazine, he saw the commercial after Hawkins’ overdose and recognized Blum. He credits it with inspiring him to get back in touch with her.

However, Blum didn’t stick with the modeling industry forever. Per Q Magazine, Blum later left her modeling career and became a producer at MTV.

It’s unclear when she left her position at the channel, but she certainly put her experience to good use. In 2002, Blum directed the music video for the Foo Fighters’ song “Walking a Line,” per IMDb.

It’s clear that Blum had a strong interest in alternative rock music long before meeting Grohl, and it likely bonded them early on in their relationship. However, it’s clear that their relationship is nearly 20 years strong because of their enduring dedication to one another.


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