Exploring The Rumor That Gwen Stefani Supposedly Only Rejoined ‘The Voice’ To Save Her Marriage

Is Gwen Stefani hiding ulterior motives for signing onto the latest season of The Voice? One tabloid claims the singer actually hopped onboard to save her sinking marriage to fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton. Here’s what we know.

Why’s Gwen Stefani Returning To ‘The Voice’?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports Gwen Stefani has big plans for the latest season of The Voice. According to the article, Stefani wants to return to her chair on the show to give her career and marriage to Blake Shelton a much-needed boost. “Gwen’s tired of playing the supportive bride at home while America watches Blake on TV every week,” a snitch reveals.

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Sources spill that Stefani hoped the show’s decision to cut down to one season a year meant she’d get more time with her hubby. “But then Blake announced he wanted to do a concert tour, and when Gwen suggested a joint tour, he shot her down because he feared their audiences don’t match up,” the tipster dishes. So, Stefani signed up to coach alongside her allegedly absent husband. “This way,” the source explains, “she can get back into the spotlight and spend more time with Blake.”

Gwen Stefani’s Marriage To Shelton Struggling?

After looking into the outlet’s claims, we couldn’t find a shred of supporting evidence. First of all, Gwen Stefani’s career is far from struggling. She’s been releasing new music, she’s constantly promoting her makeup line, and she just performed to a massive crowd at the Hollywood Bowl. Shelton even performed a couple of songs with her at the event. This whole story about Stefani staying home while Shelton eats up all of the attention is absolutely false.

Furthermore, Shelton and Stefani still see plenty of each other. In fact, the country singer couldn’t help but gush about his wife during a recent interview. “I wish everybody could have a chance to meet and talk to Gwen Stefani at some point in their life because you’ll just be a better person for it, is the only way I know to say it,” Shelton said. “She’s just a magical person to be around. She really is one of a kind and I … That’s another one of those things. How could you even dream that? You know? And it happened.”

And the couple’s new favorite thing to do together is gardening. When an interviewer asked Shelton if Stefani likes farming with him on their Oklahoma ranch, he responded: “Gwen is absolutely into it… It’s flower planting time. And Gwen doesn’t settle for these little areas around the sidewalk. We’re talking about fields, acres of flowers. So I have my work cut out for me.” Clearly, the tabloid didn’t do its research on the couple before publishing this sketchy report.

The Tabloid On Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani

Of course, this story is no surprise coming from the National Enquirer. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Stefani was fuming after finding out Shelton wanted to tour with his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. Then the magazine claimed the couple was fighting over a “total nightmare” at their Oklahoma ranch. And most recently, the publication alleged Stefani and Shelton were living separate lives from one another. Obviously, the Enquirer doesn’t really have spies in Shelton and Stefani’s social circle.