Fake Source Says Delta Burke’s Reclusive Behavior Is Apparently Worrying Her Husband

Is Delta Burke‘s husband, Gerald McRaney, worried about her “reclusive” behavior? One tabloid claims the Designing Women star won’t leave her house. Here’s what we know.

‘Troubled’ Delta Burke ‘Disappears’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Delta Burke is a hard woman to find. According to the article, the Designing Women star rarely leaves her house anymore, and her behavior is raising concerns among her friends and family—including her husband, Gerald McRaney. “Her anxiety and panic over public spaces seems irrational to people around her, like Gerald. But it’s very real to Delta,” an insider confides. “She can’t bring herself to leave her own front yard—except for the rare occasions when she absolutely has to, and then she can’t wait to get back home.”

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And sources say her friends are pushing her to change her ways. “Her life revolves around her home, her husband, and her pets, and she’s content with that. But her friends don’t think that’s healthy. They’re urging her to get therapy because she’s no fun anymore. She’s drab and boring and has no interest in clothes or makeup,” the tipster charges. “Gerald’s suggested she get back into acting, but Delta’s been semi-retired for years. It’s sad to people that it’s come to this.”

Is Delta Burke ‘Hiding From The World’?

This report is absolutely ridiculous and horribly offensive. First of all, the tabloid doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in Delta Burke’s life. Just because a celebrity is private, that doesn’t mean their social life is nonexistent.

Furthermore, we’re confident that this alleged “source” is an invention of the tabloids. The only purpose they serve is as a mouthpiece for the magazine’s own insulting rhetoric. We seriously doubt any real friends of Burke’s are running to the tabloids to call her “drab and boring”—that’s just not what friends do. The tabloid just isn’t brave enough to own up to its own offensive language.

And lastly, we’re sure Burke has the unconditional support of her husband, Gerald McRaney. Back in 2017, McRaney told People that he and Burke are just as in love as they were back when they met in 1987. “As a man, I’ve had the love of the finest woman I can possibly imagine,” McRaney declared. “At the end of a day’s work, I get to come home to her—that’s the fun.”

The Tabloid On Other Aging Celebrities

This is just another example of the National Enquirer harassing celebrities for daring to age. Last year, the outlet claimed “frail and feeble” Ozzy Osbourne was headed “to the grave.” Then the magazine claimed Lisa Marie Presley was triggering health fears with her appearance. And finally, the publication alleged Liza Minnelli’s health was worse than she was letting on. Obviously, the Enquirer refuses to let celebrities live out their golden years in peace.