Fans Of Beyoncé Will Love This Clever Newscast

One lucky news anchor got a special shoutout from Beyoncé Knowles’ mom, Tina Knowles, after working over a dozen of the legendary star’s song titles into her traffic report in honor of the release of RENAISSANCE. 

Beyoncé’s Mom Calls Newscast ‘Soo Cool!!’

“This Soo cool !!” Knowles captioned a TikTok video clip of the broadcast. “All Song titles.” Sheila Watko, a traffic reporter for Philadelphia’s NBC10, is a major Beyoncé fan, and she showed off her knowledge in an off-the-cuff segment. 

While reporting on traffic patterns, Watko managed to work in a whopping 15 song titles, including hits like “Say My Name,” “Partition,” “XO,” “Break My Soul,” and “Bills Bills Bills.” What makes this all the more impressive is that Watko did all of this without a script. 

Anchor’s Reaction To Knowles’ Shoutout: ‘I Did Not Believe It Was True’

Watko had planned to pay her tribute to Queen Bey on July 29, the day her latest album, RENAISSANCE, was released, “but there was a big crash, so I had to keep it serious,” she told followers in an Instagram post. 

A few days after her Beyoncé-themed broadcast aired, one of Watko’s friends told her Tina had reposted the video. “I did not believe it was true,” the anchor gushed. “When I went onto her Instagram, I was STUNNED! Beyoncé’s mother, Ms. Tina herself, knows of my existence?! I couldn’t stop smiling and then, of course, had to tell my own mom!”

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She continued, “The rest of the hive has been so sweet! I love making people laugh and spreading some joy where I can—it’s a tough world out there! When I saw so many comments from people getting a kick out of the Bey references, I was thrilled.”

The reporter also has a special message for the star: “Beyoncé, there’s a reason you are the Queen. You make so many people feel confident and powerful and beautiful, just like you are. Now give us Act II and come to Philly ASAP! Also… tell your mom I said thank you!”

Her History Of Shouting Out Artists On Air

This isn’t the first time Watko has worked her love of music into her reporting. She’s done similar-themed broadcasts for artists like Flo Rida, Big Time Rush, Jason Derulo, and Taylor Swift. Philly residents love Watko’s fun-filled traffic reports, and can’t wait to see who she shouts out next!

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