Fans Rally Around Prince William, Kate Middleton After Old Video Resurfaces


Prince William and Kate Middleton are thought of as some of the more tame members of the royal family. The couple rarely make headlines for anything controversial, but a recently-unearthed clip of their earlier partying days is now delighting royal fans on TikTok. 

Fans Love Old Party Pics Of Royal Couple: ‘Couples Who Rave Together Stay Together’

The video shows a montage of photos of William and Middleton hitting the clubs pre-marriage. From dancing the night away to stumbling into taxi cabs, the pictures show the couple enjoying time like any other young people their age. One of the photos even shows Middleton jokingly photographing the paparazzi with her phone. 

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The TikTok of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge quickly went viral, and the comments section soon filled with people noting how much more relatable the photos made the royal couple seem. 

“just like all young people,” one person noted. “that is nice….and normal.” Another said, “Couples who rave together stay together.” Someone even joked, “[Imagine] Asking for a cab to Buckingham palace.”

Others commented on Middleton’s looks. “How is she so photogenic!” someone asked. “These are the roughest pictures of her in existence and she still looks like a flipping goddess!”

‘If It Was Our Gurl Meghan [It] Would Be A Different Story’

While many loved the carefree pictures of the young couple, others pointed out that William’s brother and his wife wouldn’t have received the same treatment if pictures like this had come out of them.

“If it was Harry and His wife it would be a scandal,” one person wrote. Another commented, “it’s all good but if it was our gurl Megan would be a different story.” Someone else pointed out, “but if it was Harrryyyyyy and my good sis Meg….”

William And Kate’s Romantic History

It’s not surprising that there are so many party pics of the future King and Queen of England. William and Middleton have known each other for years. The pair met in 2001 when they lived in the same dorm at the University of St. Andrews. 

They began dating in 2003, and Middleton even shared an apartment with the young prince and two of their friends. Like any young people attending college, the pair knew how to have a good time. William brought Middleton to many royal functions, and the world was positive that an engagement would come soon. 

However, in 2007, the couple split. After just three months apart, William and Middleton reconciled, and the prince popped the question in 2010. While the duke and duchess are now thought of as responsible, controversy-free royals, this new TikTok shows the two were once total party animals. 

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