Fashion Influencer Shares Two Tricks To Stylishly Tie Your Coat Belt


Winter is here, and when Jack Frost comes to town, it’s time to don our coziest outerwear. Most winter coats—whether it’s a hefty wool number, a minimalist cashmere trench, or a trendy teddy coat—include a belt that must be tied. It seems easy enough to tie a simple knot, but why does it always look a bit awkward?

If your goal is to look polished in your coat—rather than like you’re wearing a bathrobe and Netflix is asking whether you’re still watching—we have you covered. 

Jessica Wang, a fashion influencer with millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, is adored for her styling expertise. The fashion maven offers genius tips for everything from skincare to beauty to viral TikTok must-haves, and she is here to help you tie your coat belt the right way.

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Wang recently shared two simple methods to stylishly tie a coat belt. With just a little extra effort, you’ll look like you have your own personal stylist every time you head outdoors. And the methods are seriously so easy, you’ll have the techniques down pat in no time.

Method One 

  1. Position both belt ends at the front of the coat. 
  2. Crisscross your belt, while pushing one end of the belt upward to make a loop.
  3. Secure the belt by wrapping the opposite end (tail) around that upward loop.
  4. Pull the tail through the loop and secure it for a stylish knot.

Method Two 

  1. Position both belt ends at the front of the coat.
  2. Make one knot at one end of the belt by wrapping a loose loop around your hand and guiding the tail through. 
  3. Insert the opposite side of your belt through the loop and pull to secure. 

Whichever method you choose, your waist will be cinched chicly and the result will appear effortless, even though you watched some videos to get the look.

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