Fifty One Apparel Alleviates Menopause Symptoms With NASA Technology

In 2017, textile marketer Louise Nicholson founded Fifty One Apparel, aptly named for the average age of menopause. Her clothing collection is designed to mitigate your menopause symptoms, and she uses spacesuit technology to do it.

Nicholson created a specially-insulated fabric made with technology once researched by NASA to help regulate astronauts’ temperatures when wearing a spacesuit—specifically, their gloves.

Back in the 1980s, research into space gloves resulted in NASA developing Certified Space Technology®. It was never actually used, but it did inform the creation of future space gear. That technology eventually evolved to become Outlast®, which is what Fifty One uses to make their menopause-friendly clothing.

From NASA To Nightwear

As Fifty One Apparel explains on its website, the cutting-edge Outlast® technology is a “phase change material that is continuously working to absorb and release excess heat.” So no matter what you’re doing, the material is consistently working to regulate your temperature.

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Instead of wicking away sweat, Fifty One Apparel’s fabric controls the production of moisture before it starts, which in turn keeps your body temperature stable to allow you the ultimate comfort.

Independent studies show that Outlast®’s thermo-material significantly reduces the amount of sweat by up to 48%. But what really makes this material impressive is that if your body temperature falls again due to something like decreased activity, the natural wax releases the stored heat so you can continue enjoying a wonderfully balanced climate.

According to Fifty One Apparel’s site, “The fabric we use is made up of Thermocules™, which are tiny polymer shells in which the Outlast® phase change materials are enclosed. This encapsulation process makes the Thermocules™ durable and allows our clothing to regulate your skin’s microclimate.”

Think of this material as ice cubes in a drink. As those cubes melt, they absorb heat and cool the drink to keep it at a preferable temperature for longer. Wearing clothing made of this Outlast® material helps to “put the freeze” on hot flashes and night sweats.

With a variety of day, lounge, and nightwear available, their clothing can be worn anywhere: at home, the office, the gym, and in bed.

Casual, Cooling Comfort

Fifty One Apparel’s breathable tops are “created for stylish women with cooling in mind.” The temperature-regulating technology is featured in all their designs to keep you comfortable in any situation. 

Fifty One Apparel Clara Relaxed V-Neck T-shirt
(Fifty One Apparel)

One such design, the Clara Relaxed V-Neck, has a three-quarter length sleeve that flatters the arms. The classic style combined with the fabric’s soft drape makes it super versatile. It’s available in three colors and sizes small to x-large.

“Keeps you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Great relaxed fit with the perfect length, flattering sleeves. Very happy customer, thank you,” one reviewer shared.

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Fifty One Apparel’s collection of bottoms ranges from lounge pants to shorts, and each one will keep you cool and effortlessly stylish. All the designs are relaxed, and the body-regulating tech is ideal for mitigating your menopause symptoms so you can lounge in comfort.

Fifty One Apparel Georgie Cropped Pants
(Fifty One Apparel)

The Georgie Cropped Pants are new to the Fifty One Apparel line, and they feature a flattering cropped wide-leg style that looks equally good with sneakers or flats. They have an elasticated waist with a drawstring cord, and the fabric is made from cellulosic yarns to give the pants a beautiful drape and luxurious feel. These pants are available in grey marl and black and in sizes 8 to 18.

During menopause, it’s perhaps most important to have a way of keeping cool and comfortable at night, and that’s exactly what Fifty One Apparel’s nightwear provides. Featuring a material that absorbs, stores, and releases heat for optimum comfort, this menopause-friendly line of PJs is still stylish and trendy. 

Fifty One Apparel Nightwear Combination with the Rachel Lounge Pants and Charlie Vest
(Fifty One Apparel)

This nightwear combination is made up of the brand’s Rachel Lounge Pants and Charlie Vest, which can also be purchased separately. This set, which is available in two colors and in sizes 8 to 20, can just as easily be worn to the gym as it can be in bed.

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