A veteran-owned production company Condition One Media just released a comedy pilot “Figure It Out” about a former Marine’s re-entry into civilian life. The show, directed by US veteran Tim Kirkpatrick, uses humor and relatability to highlight the struggles of veteran’s reintegration into society. “Figure It Out” follows recently discharged Marine called Tick Tock (Natalie Galdamez) who figures her life out as she moves in with her former barracks neighbor Whack Job (Joe Dioletto “Wild West Chronicles”) and his roommates Wishy (Alexandra Bokova “Mermaid Down”) and Jodi (Daniel Mills).

The pilot starts off promising with Natalie Galdamez’s relatable and likable character Tick Tock. There are a few slow moments but things pick up when Tick Tock (Galdamez) shows up at the “house of fun”. Once we meet the rest of the cast (Dioletto, Bokova, and Mills) the show really comes to life. The trio of misfits never skips a beat. Joe Dioletto’s deadpan comedic delivery as Whack Job is effective and hilarious. In a matter of minutes he seamlessly transitions from selling drugs to his grandmother to giving Tick Tock life advice. Daniel Mills is smooth and very easy on the eyes, this plays well into the suave nature of his character Jodi. Particularly memorable is the show’s eccentric character Wishy notably portrayed by Alexandra Bokova. She instantly lights up the screen with her striking presence and effortlessly steals every scene with great physical comedy and timing.

There is much to unpack in “Figure It Out”. The military theme sparks your curiosity and the characters leave you anticipating what happens next. Kirkpatrick skillfully mastered a way to take a heavy subject and shape it into something light, smart, and funny. This is a show you could binge-watch. With a few minor tweaks, we are definitely here for a full season as the pilot is an overall success. 

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