Former Body Guard Tells How Princess Diana Would’ve Reacted To ‘Megxit’


It’s a question many royalists and fans of the late Princess of Wales have probably wondered about. Would Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have still left their royal duties if Princess Diana were still here? And if they did, would she have been supportive of their choice? We can’t know for sure, and members of the public can only guess at the answers. But Ken Wharfe, Diana’s former personal bodyguard, is opening up about how he thinks things might have transpired had Diana still been in Harry’s life.

‘She Would Have Understood’

Writing for this week’s edition of Hello!, Ken Wharfe dives deep into his understanding of the enigmatic Princess of Wales, and gives his perspective on how things might have been different for the royal family had she not taken that fateful late summer car ride in 1997. Specifically, Wharfe delves into how Diana would have handled Meghan Markle’s introduction to The Firm.

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“As a newcomer to the royal family, she would understand the difficulties Meghan has faced as an American divorcée, a powerful, experienced woman in her own right, from a mixed heritage—but she would be instrumental in bringing that around to a state of acceptance and as an advantage to the monarchy,” Wharfe writes.

And had Diana not been able to prevent the treatment Markle faced, Wharfe insists she would have been the comforting, encouraging presence that they lacked.

How Would She Have Handled ‘Megxit’?

“I believe she would have the utmost sympathy for Harry and Meghan’s predicament,” the former bodyguard insists, adding that the British public hasn’t been very fair in their judgment of the couple. “It’s sad that people keep writing Harry and Meghan off—but I feel he’ll be back in some shape or form one day, and Diana would have been great at helping with this.”

Wharfe recalls how Diana simply had a way with people. “She’d listen to other people’s problems and give advice, and every week would receive hundreds of letters from people thanking her for changing their lives,” he writes.

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Wharfe’s perspective is especially refreshing given the harsh media scrutiny the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced ever since they went public with their relationship.

Unfortunately, no one can say for sure how things would have been different with the Princess of Wales still around. But there’s no denying that both Prince William and Prince Harry still carry their mother’s legacy with them, even if it’s led them down far different paths.

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