Fracture’s Sleek Glass Prints Make The Ideal Gift — Now 20% Off!


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When it comes to holiday gift-giving, I’m a huge fan of all things sentimental. If I can get my giftees to cry a happy tear or two, I’d consider my job well done.

Plus, not only are sentimental gifts something your loved one can cherish for years ahead, but it also lets them know how much time and effort you put into planning their present. 

With so much of our lives uploaded and saved solely to the digital world, printed photographs have become somewhat of a rarity in our daily lives. A beautiful, high-quality print that your loved one can display in their home is a nostalgic, thoughtful gift that is sure to bring a smile to their face day after day.

Fracture lets you gift your loved ones stunning photographs using a sleek, modern technique: glass printing. And thanks to its exclusive discount for Suggest readers, SUGGEST20, you can get 20% off your first order.

How Fracture Works

Fracture takes your most beloved photographs and turns them into beautiful glass prints, which it can even arrange into a gallery wall (more on that later).

Each Fracture print starts as a piece of durable, blank glass cut and hand-prepared to order. Color and white ink are sprayed directly onto the glass. Then, Fracture uses a special UV curing process to bring your photograph to life.

Ordering a Fracture print is incredibly simple. You choose the shape and size of your print. Keep it small and compact with Fracture’s 5” x 5” small print, or make a massive statement with its 28.8” x 21.6” extra-large print. Additionally, you can opt for an original reflective finish or a matte, non-glare finish.

After you upload your photograph, Fracture does the rest. Its small prints start at an affordable $25, and its largest, most expensive print doesn’t pass the $180 mark.

The entire creation process takes about 15 minutes tops. And because Fracture makes each print to order in the US, shipping is incredibly fast. It took about one week for my custom print to arrive at my house after I ordered it online. 

Speaking of shipping, the secure packaging Fracture sends its prints in was highly impressive. A UPS mix-up sent my print to the vacant house next door, and I watched the box sit in the elements all weekend (the wind even knocked it over).

Once I finally realized it was mine, I was sure my glass print would be shattered. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that, despite its weekend in the cold rain and wind, my print was in pristine condition.

What Sets Fracture Apart

Unlike traditional prints, Fracture’s prints are ready to mount straight out of the box. These prints don’t need any bulky frames or matting.

It’s as if you printed and taped a photo directly to the wall, except that with Fracture, the print is a thick, durable plane of glass—around ¼” thick with Fracture’s lightweight, protective backing.

Fracture also offers unique, custom-made photo walls that let you turn any room of your house into a high-quality gallery.

Simply choose a gallery wall layout, upload your photos, and Fracture will deliver a ready-to-hang photo wall for as little as $120. That means no more scouring the internet for coordinating frames or uncommon print sizes.

But most importantly, Fracture’s prints are distinctly beautiful. The vibrant, edge-to-edge color makes your memories pop out of their glass panes. From family portraits to stunning vacay shots and everything in between, Fracture prints bring unmatched color, love, and life to your home.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

My first Fracture order was a “treat yourself” purchase.

I ordered a 10.8” x 14.4” print (the classic size) of one of my favorite wedding photographs. It’s a shot of my husband and I beaming under a tunnel of sparklers held up by our closest friends and family, and the way the twinkling lights of the nighttime shot sparkle on the glass blew me away. 

However, you don’t just have to treat yourself to Fracture (although I highly recommend it). These gorgeous glass prints make the perfect holiday gift for parents, siblings, partners, best friends—you name it.

Because Fracture uses digital uploads, finding the perfect image can be as simple as scrolling through your camera roll or your giftee’s Facebook page. 

A Fracture glass print is more unique and modern than a traditional framed photo, and it’s more put-together and durable than a loose film print.

Don’t settle for second best this holiday season. Gift your loved ones something they’ll enjoy year-round for many, many years to come.

And while causing your loved ones to cry a happy tear or two is technically priceless, Fracture wants to make sure your dollar goes further by offering Suggest readers an exclusive discount code. Use SUGGEST20 to get 20% off your first Fracture purchase, and sit back and enjoy your loved ones’ reactions to their thoughtful, timeless gift.


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