Free Up Valuable Counter Space In The Kitchen With These Organizing Tips

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Kitchen clutter is no joke, and often the kitchen counters are where the mess begins. And after a while, it can start to become overwhelming. There are lifesaving but bulky kitchen gadgets, large knife blocks, and the weirdly annoying paper towel roll that always manages to get in your way. Not to mention the disorganized drawers that make finding space on the countertop even harder.

Staying organized and functional in the kitchen takes some practice, patience, and organizational tools. If you’ve spent any time on social media you’ve probably seen organization tips galore.

Surprisingly simple solutions to cut clutter can be easier to implement when you have a guide. And, luckily, we stumbled across a video that will make your kitchen much easier to manage. 

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In a recent “home hack video,” self-proclaimed YouTube Mom Mai Zimmy displayed three gadgets that can reduce visual clutter in your kitchen. Her first suggestion is to get knives off of the counter.

Putting a knife block into a drawer can not only reduce the clutter, but it can also help with toddler- and child-proofing your kitchen if that’s a concern. As Zimmy states in the video, “You can child-lock the drawer of danger.”

Next up is a solution for your bulky oven mitts. Many people have them on display, hanging on the stove. Or, alternatively, try to stuff them into an already too-full drawer. (Guilty!)

Zimmy has a kind of genius idea for the oven mitts. She simply places a hook on the inside of a cabinet door close to the oven and hangs them there.

“It’s easy access and out of sight,” she states in the reel.

Her next solution admits that there is still “visual clutter” but at least the countertops are clear.

A banana hook hanger gets your fruit off of the counter and even keeps your bananas fresher for longer. The hanger can be folded up when not in use. And, you can use the hooks to hang herbs, peppers, and even small bags of garlic.

A few more helpful tools to reduce clutter in your kitchen include a paper towel holder and an under-cabinet utensil hanger.

Both of these items will also get added clutter off of your countertops. The utensil hanger in particular is a convenient way to store commonly used cooking utensils like spatulas, whisks, and spoons.

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