Friday’s Hot Plays, Fresh Ideas to Start the Week

Recapping Friday’s Performance:

Good Monday to all of our readers new and old- we hope everyone is refreshed from the weekend and ready to rock. We’re jumping back in the saddle for yet another exciting week of options opportunities, but like always, we first want to go over how we finished out last week with the numbers from Friday’s potential trading ideas.

Our winning targets from Friday were the ULTA Weekly $425-435 Calls, the DELL 09/16 $42.50-47.50 Calls, the WDAY Weekly $185-180 Puts,and the JKS 09/16 $60 Calls, and here were the types of intraday movements and total possible gains they produced:

ULTA Weekly $425-435 Calls
4.39-10.33 (+135%)
$430: 2.72-7.06 (+160%)
$435: 1.46-4.19 (+187%)

DELL 09/16 $42.50-47.50 Calls
$42.50: 2.05-2.92 (+42%)
$45: .78-1.38 (+77%)
$47.50: .21-.56 (+167%)

WDAY Weekly $185-180 Puts
$185: 11.00-19.09 (+73%)
$180: 3.70-12.78 (+245%)

JKS 09/16 $60 Calls
$60: 4.47-5.60 (+25%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PDD Weekly $61-62 Calls
CTLT Weekly $100-95 Puts
SPY 08/29 $405-403 Puts

 Green Globe International, Inc. GGII – Recap:

Also in Friday’s premarket report was a tag of GGII in our extended watchlist, and we wanted to circle back to review the kind of move it recorded on the day. From a low of .0064, the stock punched through the barrier from subpenny into penny-plus territory en route to its daily high of .0136, which represented an intraday pop of 112%

Extended Watchlist:

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