From M83 to A-Ha – the New LA Weekly Playlist is Live

From M83 to A-Ha: The 117th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from RaeCola, R&B from Saleka, rock from Queens of the Stone Age, punk from Flipper, pop from Katy Perry and A-Ha, and so much more.

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Elohim and Yoke Lore (Nicholas Caiazza @nicholascaiazza)

From M83 to A-Ha

Also this week:

Print star Elohim told us that, “Right before everything went to shit, I was on the Group Therapy tour. I was selling out shows, doing meet and greets – it was amazing. And then I only got through about eight or nine of the actual shows, and that crushed me so much. I had all these plans – you have an album released ready a year in advance. What do we do as artists? All we can do is create. I felt really lucky to have music during that time. It felt like going back to basics. There was so much uncertainty, so I started creating so much music. My team was like, ‘We should put it all out,’ so that’s why we created this four part thing.”

In “Not Another DJ,” RaeCola said that, “Starting out DJing, we played a lot of hip hop, trap, R&B, and funk. You can still feel those influences in our sound today with remixes of those original genres, hard-hitting drums, and groovy baselines. We also play a lot of the Chicago ghetto house that we grew up with, along with West Coast tech house – encouraging listeners to let loose, be carefree, and enjoy the moment. We do incorporate a lot of unconventional sounds and genres that are still danceable and hypnotic. Nothing is better than dropping some old school dub between some slappin’ house.”





















































































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