From Solange to Generación Suicida – the New LA Weekly Playlist is Live

From Solange to Generación Suicida: The 114th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Slander and Sian, R&B from Solange and Tempest, punk from Subhumans, rock from Starcrawlers and Kiss, and so much more.

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Raw Sian is Sexy and Emotive

Sian (@alexcasillas)

From Solange to Generación Suicida

Also this week:

In “Not Another DJ,” Sian said that “Seeing techno getting into the mainstream is surprising, for example, but at the same time I guess it was always inevitable. Most things eventually rotate out of the underground and into mainstream culture. I’m just glad to see people going back out to shows to be honest, that’s great. There is a very healthy underground vibe in L.A., and the EDM scene feeds that — as kids go deeper and mature, their taste in music evolve and they find the alternative, artistic stuff.”

In our cover story about the survival of venues, Marko Shafer of the Hotel Cafe said, “Some of the best shows at the venue were ones that unexpectedly blew us away, as well as some memorable secret shows and underplays,” said Marko Shafer of the Hotel Cafe. “I often think back to seeing Hozier’s showcase for mostly industry people, before he was a household name, and I left that show knowing he’d be a star. Hosting Chris Martin for an unannounced solo show also was as special as it gets. What turned out to be Mac Millers last show was bittersweet, but something those in the room will remember forever. Ludovico Einaudi crushing a grand piano on our stage is one the folks in the room also will remember for a long time. Once, sometime around 2004 or 2005, someone who called themselves Weezer’s manager reached out via phone. We didn’t quite believe it, as it was the first bigger name to ask to play the room. When they actually showed up for soundcheck the afternoon of the show, we all got pretty excited. Of course the show was amazing. Oh, and Dave Chappelle has had some epic nights recently.”


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