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Gaiser Makes Strong Impressions: Michigan DJ and producer Gaiser studied drumming and percussion with a symphony all the way through his years in school. 

“I believe that the understanding of all music, no matter what the genre, can only enrich the production experience altogether,” he says. “Studying classical music and learning scales and chords early in life has definitely helped me later on, when it came time to work with MIDI and sequencers in the studio. And studying percussion and playing drums has helped me to balance out the non-melodic side of production with programming drums and percussion. Everything you learn when it comes to music can be very beneficial in one way or another, no matter what kind of music it is you are playing. Music is a universal language and so many things are based on the same principles just being applied in a different way. I was a skater kid and played drums in a few punk bands until I saw Richie Hawtin play for the first time, and that opened my eyes to a whole new world of electronic music. From that moment on, I quit playing in bands, and started collecting every synth and drum machine that I could get my hands on. I spent a lot of time digging through records at a place called Record Time in Detroit. Richie Hawtin had the Plus 8 / Minus offices in the back of the building, so it wasn’t long before I became friends with the guys. Eventually, after Rich heard some of the things I was working on, we decided to release it on his label, Minus.”

The artist says that his involvement with many types of music has helped define his individual style. 

“My sound has always been leaning towards a minimal techno and house structure, but always has a foundation of a solid bassline which is usually what carries a big part of the melody,” he says. “As a drummer / percussionist, it’s my basic instinct to treat each part of the track, whether it’s a drum sound, synth, vocal or FX sound as it’s own rhythmically interactive piece of the overall melodic composition. And, I do like bass.”

Gaiser says that this is an odd time for electronic music.

“For me, electronic music has always been about innovation and creating sounds that have never been heard before,” he says. “But at the moment, it’s a strange time in the historic timeline of electronic music. As music technology has become much more accessible for anyone to begin making music, it has allowed for so many sub-genres to be created, and has also drastically increased the volume of releases that are coming out. Anyone can put out a record now, which is a positive and encouraging thing for electronic music as a whole, but I feel that the quantity versus quality is out of balance. Together with the influence of social media, it seems that there are more copycat releases than those that are creating something unique and original. We can always do better… stay positive and inspired!”

His latest release is the Impressions EP.

“I’ve been doing a collaboration with my long time friend and label mate, Matador, and the Impressions EP is the first release of our work together,” he says. “We started doing some special back to back sets a few years ago, where we would sync my Live setup and his DJ setup together. Since I had the flexibility of adding some live elements, this allowed for some more dynamic sets, instead of the typical DJ back to back sets. It’s really an inspiring and fun situation to work with a close friend, where you play off each others ideas to come up with something fresh and unique, that you wouldn’t normally accomplish by working in the studio alone.”

Looking ahead, Gaiser has plenty planned for 2022 going into 2023.

“I’m working on an album at the moment,” he says. “It’s still in the works, and can’t say what the release date might be, but the single EP will be out relatively soon.”

Gaiser Makes Strong Impressions: Gaiser and Matador’s collab Impressions EP is out now on Rukus.

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