Gayle King, Billy Bush Share Two Hilarious Stories About Queen Elizabeth


As people around the world mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth, many are sharing their favorite stories about the monarch. Gayle King and Billy Bush recently discussed some of the late queen’s funniest moments.

Billy Bush Shares Funny Moment Between The Queen and George Bush

King was one of the many journalists who reported live on the queen’s funeral from London. As she and Bush talked over the high points of the ceremony, the pair also mentioned funny stories they had heard about Queen Elizabeth.

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“I think not enough is made of her sense of humor,” Bush started. “You would have had a good laugh with the queen. She was funny.” Bush never personally met Queen Elizabeth but was familiar with some of the many humorous anecdotes told about the monarch.

“I just remember the story of George Bush 41,” he started. “He goes to Buckingham Palace and he looks down at the little dish on the table and he says, ‘Well, what is this?’ And she goes, ‘I don’t know, you gave it to me.’ She was quick.”

King Tells A Story She ‘Love[s]’ About Queen Elizabeth

King cracked up, then shared her own favorite funny story about Queen Elizabeth. “There was another time when they were saying, you know, ‘Ma’am, would you like to get on the rollercoaster?’ And she goes, ‘I’m not a tourist.’”

“I think that’s funny. I love it,” King said as she and Bush laughed. Many claim that Queen Elizabeth’s sense of humor was not a well-known fact among those who didn’t know her personally, but there are dozens of stories like this. Queen Elizabeth’s quick, dry sense of humor was something that almost everyone who encountered her loved.

Public Jokes Between The Queen And George W. Bush

One of her most public joking comments came during a 2007 visit to Washington, D.C. During a speech, former president George W. Bush misspoke, accidentally saying the queen had celebrated the US bicentennial in 1776 instead of 1976, erroneously adding 200 years to her age.

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At a dinner at the British ambassador’s residence, Queen Elizabeth began her speech with, “I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, ‘When I was here in 1776 …”” The former president replied in his own toast, “Your Majesty, I can’t top that one.”

Queen Elizabeth was a pro at coming up with something funny to say on the spot, endearing her to the politicians and heads of state she met, as well as royal fans around the world.

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