Genius Backpack Reverses The Zipper To Make It Theft-Resistant


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The struggle is real for those of us who travel for work, go to school, or just love a good backpack. While backpacks are convenient, comfortable, and just make sense to carry most of the time, they can also be an easy theft target. Thankfully, there’s a new genius backpack that’s theft-resistant that was highlighted recently on the Today show. And it’s all thanks to a reverse zipper that we absolutely love!

The Telena Anti Theft Backpack in faux leather is an anti-theft travel bag that will keep your items safe, regardless of where you are. The backpack also comes with nine pockets making it easy for you to organize your items. Plus, with multiple pockets and easy-to-access straps, you can grab your ID, credit cards, or hand sanitizer while on the go!

How many times have you looked for a stylish backpack that is versatile, fits everything you need, and will ward off people from easily getting inside your bag? When you’re standing in line at a busy airport, on the subway, or just standing in a long line, those front zippers can be easy targets for thieves. Not so with the Telena Backpack. Since the zipper rests along your back, you’ll know if someone is reaching for your bag.

Even with the new zipper design, the backpack is more than affordable. With prices starting just under $40, the Telena Backpack is light on any budget. Thank goodness because you may have a difficult time choosing which color to purchase. The bag comes in 32 neutral and fun colors which means you may just need more than one of these cute bags.

The Telena Backpack is also more than adorable. It’s also durable and a great size at just over 13 inches. Since the bag is made from high-quality water-resistant soft PU leather, the bag will stand up to just about anything. Plus, the backpack features a long shoulder strap. Although the bag is typically worn as a backpack, you can also wear it as a shoulder bag if backpacks aren’t your thing! The versatility is perfect for travelers, moms on the go, or students of any age.

Don’t just take our word for it. The majority of reviewers praise the versatility, craftsmanship, and large pockets that the backpack offers. Although some people mentioned that the colors were a little off and that the bag doesn’t look like leather, the description does mention that it’s a faux leather bag. Just something to keep in mind.

But you really can’t beat the price and versatility of this backpack. Since it’s also anti-theft, it’s worth the investment!


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