George Lopez’s Daughter Documented Her Parents’ Divorce On TikTok And Now Has Her Own Show

It looks like starring in sitcoms is a family business for George and Mayan Lopez. The father-daughter duo are teaming up for a new show called Lopez vs. Lopez, which will show Mayan working through her parents’ divorce—something she’s been doing on TikTok for the past two years. 

How TikTok Led To A TV Show For Mayan Lopez

Mayan is George Lopez’s only child. He and Ann Serrano wed in 1993, welcoming their daughter three years later. In 2010, Serrano filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” These differences include infidelity on George’s part, and after the split, he and Mayan were estranged. 

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In 2020, Mayan started making TikToks, and many of them discussed her parents’ divorce in a frank and funny way. Her videos went viral, which led to Lopez vs. Lopez. The show follows a father and daughter attempting to rebuild their relationship after a divorce. 

Mayan: ‘This Whole Series Has Been Incredibly Healing’

The show is somewhat like therapy for Mayan. She and George started to reconcile during the pandemic, and their time on set together has brought them closer. “I think this whole series has been incredibly healing, more healing than my dad and I thought going in,” Mayan shared. “There are some times that it gets a little real. I’m not gonna say it hasn’t been challenging. I think healing isn’t always linear; you don’t have to be perfect to heal, which I think is what is important.” 

Mayan also talked about her excitement to address important topics on Lopez vs. Lopez while still bringing the laughs. “There’s comedy, and you definitely laugh along with us, but you also see moments where we’re really talking to each other,” she shared. “It brings a dynamic that hasn’t been seen before. It’s real and it’s raw, but it’s released through laughter in those really hard moments that I think many people have experienced in their own lives with their own families.”

What She Wants To Do Next

She continued, “I want people to feel like they see themselves and have a new family that they can fall in love with, with characters they can relate to.” Mayan, who has wanted to be a performer since she was a child, is already looking ahead to her future in the entertainment business. 

From hosting Saturday Night Live, to starring in action movies, Mayan said, “I want everything I can have in this life.” Starring with her dad in a sure-to-be-hilarious new show is a good place to start!

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