Get Your Body Movin’ to the Beastie Boys Exhibit Before it Ends This Weekend


Now here’s a little story I’ve got to tell/ About three bad brothers you know so well/It started way back in history/ With Adrock, MCA and [he] Mike D…

The Beastie Boys are one of those special artists that we’ve all come to appreciate more as time has gone by. The trio (who started as a quartet) made infectious and (fun)ky music even in their budding punk infancy, when Adam Yauch formed the group in New York and gave them their suitably raucous name. License to Ill is in your face, gleeful and iconic, of course, but the BB’s only upped their game with each subsequent release, suffusing sonic vibes and influences beyond punk and hip-hop, including classic rock, 70s soundtracks, and tribal rhythms.

The Beastie’s epic career is chronicled with astounding detail and a nerdy level of reverent deliberation at Beyond The Streets‘ Beastie Boys Exhibit at Control Gallery, which sadly closes this weekend. If you still haven’t seen it yet, you need to ch-check it out now.

Though the group is known as a New York act, its ties to Los Angeles are countless and this is evident in the show. That said, our favorite album is Paul’s Boutique, which is very N.Y, even beyond the cover image. It’s recreated in mural form here making it the perfect selfie spot. The immersive walk thru has lots of photo ops in fact, and it’s brimming with music, art and cultural history.

From original hand-written song lyrics to video props to clothing and merch, and so much more, it’s a mind-blowing collection with easter eggs for fans. During the media walk-thru for the show, the curators pointed out so many rarities, never before seen ephemera and artifacts repping Beastie backstory, our head was spinning. If you are a Beastie Boys fan you really can’t not go. It’s a sure shot and it’s free too.

Beyond The Streets’ Beastie Boys Exhibit at Control Gallery, 434 North La Brea Ave. run now thru Sun., Jan. 29. Get your tickets now HERE.






































































































































































































































































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