Gisele Bündchen’s Daughter Is Her Spitting Image In Yoga Photos

Gisele Bündchen just shared a sweet slideshow of pictures that prove just how much her daughter Vivian, 9, has grown up. The photos show mom and daughter practicing yoga together over the years. 

Mother And Daughter Are Twinning In Yoga Photos

“Time flies!!! 2022 > 2020 > 2013,” the supermodel captioned the photos. “O tempo voa!!! [Time flies]” In the pictures, Bündchen and Vivian are stretched out in the pigeon pose, with one leg behind them and both arms raised. 

In addition to showing how much the 9-year-old has grown, the post also shows how much Bündchen and Vivian look alike. In the first picture, they sport matching braids. In the next, mother and daughter both have their hair tied up in buns. In the last photo, Vivian is a baby. While Bündchen does her yoga pose, her daughter is right next to her, reaching her arms up like the supermodel. 

Fan Reactions: ‘Cherish These Moments’

Bündchen’s followers loved the pictures of the model and her daughter, filling the comment section with heart eye and red heart emojis. “Like mother like daughter,” one person wrote. “two rays of sunshine.” Another commented, “So sweet! They sure grow up soo fast. Cherish these moments….” 

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The supermodel frequently posts pictures of Vivian and her son Benjamin, 12 to her Instagram account. Bündchen shares both children with her husband, NFL star Tom Brady. The couple started dating in 2006 and got married three years later. 

Bündchen: ‘I Feel Blessed To Keep Receiving The Gift Of Being A Mother’

Bündchen recently celebrated Mother’s Day with a heartfelt post dedicated to her children. The photo showed the trio hanging out on the beach together. “A mother’s love,” she captioned the post. “An indescribable feeling that challenges and inspires us to be better for our children—and to our children. I feel blessed to keep receiving the gift of being a mother to special beings who teach me so much every day.”

She also included a snapshot of her own mother, writing, “Congratulations to all the mothers of the world! I send you all my love and reverence, especially to my own mother, my wonder woman, a warrior who raised her six daughters with such love and care. Love you, mom!”

This new post from Bündchen shows just how much Vivian is starting to look like her supermodel mother. Is a high fashion career in the cards for her? Only time will tell! 

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