‘GMA’ Anchor Gayle King Explains Odd Shoe Choice After Foot Injury


Celebrities are known for their eye-catching fashion choices, but CBS Mornings host Gayle King has been causing some raised eyebrows with her latest shoe choices. So, why has King been rocking two different shoes on the red carpet?

Why Is King Wearing Two Different Shoes?

While appearing on the red carpet for the Tribeca Film Festival, King sported one blue and green stiletto heel, and one pastel flower-patterned clog. The foot with the clog was also sporting a gray ankle brace. 

King was at the film festival to do a Q&A session with Tyler Perry, and the writer and director was quick to mention King’s eccentric footwear choice. “I’m loving the shoes, Gayle,” Perry said. King replied, “I have this thing called Achilles tendonitis, so it’s all good.”

Recounting the story, King continued, “Tyler goes, ‘Why don’t you just put on both clogs?’ I go, ‘Because it’s fashion, Tyler. I don’t want people thinking I’m wearing these clogs just because. There’s a reason.’”

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The morning show host then said that Perry joked that she just “wanted people to know she had the shoes to match the dress.” King has been sporting the heel-and-clog combo for a while now.

King’s Achilles Tendonitis Diagnosis

While walking the red carpet for the Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful People in Media event, King shared, “I went to bed on Saturday, and I woke up Sunday to go pee, and I don’t know what it is, but the minute I touched the floor, I crumbled. I think it’s my Achilles.”

She later shared her doctor’s opinion on Instagram. “Diagnosis just in, I am here with Dr. Nadia Levy. What’s the diagnosis?” King said in a video. “Achilles tendonitis,” Levy explained “And she’s going to have to be in a boot just to calm it down and on some anti-inflammatories.”

When King said she “didn’t know what [she] did wrong,” Levy replied that she probably “just over-tweaked a tight tendon.” King celebrated the good news, saying, “Yay, diagnosis, and yay, no surgery! Yay yay yay yay.” It’s unknown how long we’ll keep seeing King rock the heel-and-clog look, but fans of the morning show host are glad that her Achilles issue is not serious. 

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