Going Bearish on Options Targets, GEGI Update


Note on Wednesday’s Absence:

We wanted to start out this morning by apologizing to our readers for being unable to deliver a newsletter for yesterday’s session due to an unfortunate technical issue with the internet at our office. In the history of our archive site bluehorshoestocks.com, which stretches back over 11 years, one could count the number of trading days we’ve missed on one hand, so you can rest assured that this is not a typical occurrence! At any rate, we’re back online and ready to keep chugging along as we head into the upcoming long weekend.

First off, our top runner from where we left off on Tuesday morning turned out to be the BBY Weekly $74 Calls, which subsequently made a move from 2.40-5.70 (+138%). As for getting back on track today, we’ve got some big name earnings reporters from a variety of sectors for potential trades.

Fresh Options Ideas:
MDB Weekly $280-275 Puts
OKTA Weekly $78-75 Puts
CIEN 09/16 $55-45 Puts
SPY 09/02 $395-393 Puts

Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. GEGI – OTC Update:

We’ve been tracking GEGI for quite some time, having tagged it in our daily watchlists five times in the month of August alone, and stretching back to early July when we caught it trading as low as .0018. Yesterday the stock hit a new all-time high of .0197, which marks an amazing overall increase of 994% making it one of the hottest OTC plays we’ve track all summer long.

Even if someone had only caught our most recent alert on GEGI on the morning of August 24th when GEGI was trading at .008, the stock still recorded a rapid run of 146%

Extended Watchlist:


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