Goldbelly Delivers Restaurant Meals From Across The Country

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Getting hit with a major craving for takeout when you can’t have it is bad enough. But it’s a whole other level of torture when the cuisine you crave is only available at a restaurant hundreds of miles away. 

Whether you didn’t get to travel for the holidays and are feeling homesick for local cuisine or you’re craving non-local flavors at home, Goldbelly can help. This food-delivery service brings region- and restaurant-specific meals from across the country straight to your doorstep. 

Want classic Kansas City BBQ while stuck in Arizona? Maybe you’re craving real New York bagels while living in the Midwest? Either way, Goldbelly can help.

How Goldbelly Works

Essentially, Goldbelly is an online middleman between you and your favorite restaurants from all over the U.S. Goldbelly doesn’t make or ship the meals to you. On the contrary, food makers will pack and ship their entrees, desserts, and more at their own shops to send them straight to you. Goldbelly is simply the marketplace that facilitates the sale. 

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You can scroll through Goldbelly’s vast catalog of cuisine, which you can filter by region, restaurant, or dish. In addition to one-off deliveries, Goldbelly offers subscription services that regularly deliver food-specific packages like a bacon subscription, cookie subscription, or “best-of” dishes from a particular region or city.

Satisfy Your Savory Cravings

If you’re in the mood for something savory, Joe’s KC BBQ (named “America’s Best BBQ” by USA Today) offers classic Kansas City barbecue flavors with meal kits, whole briskets, ribs, and more.

Burnt ends, ribs, and brisket from Joe’s KC BBQ available on Goldbelly
(Joe’s KC BBQ)

Travel further north to Philly and try the world-famous Philly Cheesesteak from Pat’s King of Steaks (because you know your Subway isn’t cutting it).

Centerville Pie Company, based out of Centerville, Massachusetts, is the home of Oprah’s favorite chicken pot pie, which you can order straight to your door.

Or, head to the Pacific Northwest coast for authentic seafood straight from Seattle’s legendary Pike Place Fish Market.

Craving STL pizza while outside of Cardinals country? Don’t worry—thanks to Goldbelly, you can get Imo’s delivered no matter how far away from the Midwest you are.

Or Cater To Your Sweet Tooth

Goldbelly also offers a wide range of delectable sweet treats, including selections from Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. (Yes, as in Cake Boss’ Carlo’s Bakery.)

Layered rainbow cake from Carlo
(Carlo’s Bakery)

If you’re not a big Cake Boss fan, consider crossing the Hudson and heading to New York’s famous Little Italy district for an authentic cannoli from the Ferrara Bakery.

In the mood for something tropical? Try a key lime pie that’s actually from the keys with Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe’s selection of mouthwateringly tart pies, fudge, and taffy.

You can also try pillowy soft marshmallows or ginger chews from Food Network Champion Chef Maeve Rochford’s La Jolla, California-based bakery, Sugar and Scribe.

I recently gifted my husband’s aunt one of Houston’s most iconic pecan pies from Goode Co. Barbecue, and she absolutely loved it. She’s originally from Texas but now lives further west—not only did the flavors bring back nostalgic feelings of home, but the pie was also delivered in an adorable, Texas-themed wooden box.

Satisfy Your Goldbelly Cravings Today

While a Goldbelly delivery might cost more than your average Doordash or meal delivery service, these unique treats are worth paying extra. Goldbelly delivers fresh, local flavors from across the United States straight to your doorstep.

And hey, ordering from Goldbelly is cheaper than traveling to your favorite local eatery’s flagship store. Plus, you get to enjoy these delicious foods from the comfort of your own home. 

Don’t let your tastebuds go homesick any longer. With Goldbelly, you can satisfy food cravings from near and far—and find a perfect last-minute gift for friends and family, too.

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