Goldie Hawn Reflects On The Medicinal Qualities Of Love

Goldie Hawn is on a mental health kick that we can totally get behind. For the past two decades, Hawn has turned her personal mental health journey into a non-profit organization called MindUP for Life.

In partnership with MindUP, she shares “Keep Your Mind Up Mondays” videos on Instagram. For her latest video, the actress is sharing why she’s looking at love as medicinal.

‘Keep Your Mind Up For Love’

What’s love got to do with your mental health? The actress recently shared a video on Instagram as to the important connection between the feeling of love, our hearts, and our brains.

As the actress shared in her video, “It’s another keep your mind up Monday. And I chose a really complicated one.”

“I really want to keep my mind up this week for love. Love is … so complicated. It’s one of those things where you go, ‘My boyfriend did this or my husband did this.’ And suddenly love is not in the air. However, I want to talk about the feeling of love. So let’s not necessarily put it on a person or a situation or whatever. ”

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Hawn then moved from describing how many of us think of romantic love to a lesson she just received—the connection between love and our health.

“The feeling of love, the feeling of your heart,” Hawn remarked, “is the most connected to your brain. The brain itself … and the heart have a conversation.”

‘Looking At Love As Medicinal’ 

As Hawn reflected on the connection between love and the brain and heart, she pondered if love can be healing.

“So looking at love as medicinal,” the celebrity shared, “I think we can focus on other things. The reason is because it doesn’t personalize it but it brings love back into your heart. And that’s what we want to do. We want to own some level of reservoir of loving feeling.”

Hawn described this loving feeling as how we feel about a pet or spirituality, “or the various things we believe in that bring us this feeling of goodness. This beautiful nurturing of your heart. It’s healthy. It’s reciprocal. The brain loves it.” The actress goes on to share, “Your heart is happy.”

As the movie star continued to relay the importance of love on our health, Hawn shared that she has received this information from a doctor.

Although she didn’t name the doctor, she said that she’s “working with a neuroscientist who’s also a heart doctor. He explained this incredible relationship between your brain and what you feel and your heart. And we want to keep that positive.”

Hawn closed her video with a recommendation on how we can all give love to ourselves and others today. “Just remember that incredible feeling of love … Call someone and tell them you love them. That will make their day, and it will make yours too.”

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