Good Shorts Are Hard To Find, But We Did

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Confession: I have [redacted] pairs of jeans, but only two pairs of shorts. If given the option (no matter the weather), I’ll always opt for pants. It’s half personal choice, half consequence of being taller and curvier all my life.

Because frankly, good shorts are hard to find. They ride up, they cut off legs in an unflattering way. Some are too tight, others are too loose. Many don’t have functional pockets. I try to stick with vintage denim shorts, which are nice but rare and, at times, expensive.

But I don’t need to tell you the struggle. You’ve likely already dealt with it in countless dressing rooms over countless summers. Luckily, I found a brand new pair of shorts that check all of my boxes and then some—and they might check yours, too.

I’m not immune to summer heat, but it’s something I’ve learned to deal with for the sake of not having to wear an unflattering, uncomfortable pair of shorts. And to shorts’ credit, this unassuming wardrobe staple is incredibly difficult to universally fit. 

Shorts hit three major body points: waistline, hips, and thighs. For women, these are often our curviest areas. It’s no secret that many clothing brands don’t design their pieces with the average woman in mind. So, we have to deal with shorts that cut, squeeze, and do anything but celebrate our natural shape. 

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Moreover, it seems like many shorts these days are made with cheap, flimsy “denim.” Not only are they not ideal for hot, sticky weather, but a lack of functionality (read: pockets) means you also have to lug a purse around. No, thanks.

The Perfect Summer Short Is Here

Enter The Easy Short, the solution to my (and your) pesky pants problem. These breezy, not-too-long, not-too-short shorts are made with breathable cotton twill. The twill adds texture, wrinkle-resistance, and durability to the otherwise feather-light fabric.

The Easy Short also features a stretchy, pull-on waistband that sits high on the hips for a flattering fit. Summer brings adventure—parks, picnics, zoos, hikes, you name it. The Easy Short is a comfortable, no-fuss short perfect for any warm weather occasion. 

These casual shorts are actually a revised version of Everlane’s Easy Short-Short, featuring many of the same product specs. The Easy Short, however, comes with a slightly longer 5” inseam. Translation: fewer wedgies, less chafing, less misery. 

Thanks to the versatile cotton twill and attractive hem details, the Easy Short can be as dressed up or down as you need. It’s also available in five colors: black, washed black, canvas, pewter green, and espresso.

Let The Stars Speak For Themselves

I’ve tried (and failed) with enough pairs of shorts that I can normally tell what will or won’t work based on sight alone. While the Easy Short seemed to meet all my requirements, the glowing five-star reviews sealed the deal. 

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One reviewer mentioned animal hair, which as a cat mom of three, I’m surprised I hadn’t considered. “The fabric is phenomenal. You don’t get a lot of lint on them,” the reviewer stated. “I have three dogs. The shorts keep off their hair. I have literally been wearing this short multiple times a week since I got them.”

Another skeptic (can relate) added, “I hesitated to buy these. I even thought ‘grandma shorts’ when I first saw them! But I’m so glad I ordered them. I consider my style more edgy, and these shorts actually look so cute with a bodysuit, leather jacket, and sneakers. I don’t own a lot of shorts, but I want to live in these all summer.”

And finally, it seems like the one downside to the Easy Short is that you’ll have to fight off your fam for wearing privileges. “These are the perfect length,” one customer said. “I highly recommend these shorts; they will fit any occasion. I am 55, and my 24-year-old-daughter borrows and loves them, too.”

Don’t suffer through another heatwave in jeans. With the Easy Short, you get all the things you love about shorts—and none of the stuff you hate.

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