Gossip Claims Reese Witherspoon’s $1 Billion Marriage Apparently Falling Apart

Are Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth falling apart? One report says the Quibi couple are struggling under the weight of Witherspoon’s immense success. Here’s what we know.

‘Reese And Jim: Separate Lives’

According to Us Weekly, Witherspoon and Toth are not doing well at all. The billion-dollar couple may be loaded, but their success has apparently led to a lack of love in the family. “Reese and Jim aren’t very affectionate with each other,” a source says. “They present as very cold and businesslike… the passion is nonexistent, and they are living very separate lives.”

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Don’t expect the two to get divorced, however. Witherspoon is supposedly determined to fake it for the cameras. “They’re a business partnership as much as a couple, and that’s why they’re so careful about their image right now,” an insider says. Witherspoon’s perfectionist tendencies are supposedly also driving Toth away. He’s ready to retire and relax, but the Cruel Intentions star won’t stop.

How Is Reese Witherspoon’s Marriage?

You should be wary of any story which asks you to ignore reality. These so-called sources claim Reese Witherspoon is only faking her marriage for the sake of her business. It’s asking you to trust Us Weekly more than Witherspoon herself. It’s very easy to find kind messages from the Legally Blonde star toward her husband, but the story would simply dismiss them as fake. We’re more inclined to trust the couple themselves rather than these so-called sources. We’re also wary of any story from Us Weekly which discusses folks living separate lives. Last month, it was Sandra Bullock’s relationship in trouble, and before that, it was Julia Roberts staring down a supposed divorce. Both Bullock and Roberts are still in their respective relationships, so there’s no reason to think Witherspoon is any different.

There’s Plenty Of Evidence, Too

Just last month, Witherspoon posted a father’s day message for Toth. She wrote, “We are so lucky to have you in our lives.”

On their anniversary, Witherspoon wrote another post. “11 years of adventures, love & laughter. I feel so lucky to share this wonderful life with you.” It’s hard to read these messages and think the couple are anything other than fine.

Nothing’s really changed for the couple to justify this story. Witherspoon may well be a perfectionist, but they wouldn’t have made it to year 11 in the first place if Toth was fundamentally bothered by her. 

The best this outlet can come up with is pointing out the high price of Hello Sunshine’s sale, but that was founded in 2016. Witherspoon’s entrepreneurship and busy schedule is nothing new, so there’s nothing to this story.

Last year, Us Weekly promised Witherspoon would get divorced. And just last month, Witherspoon supposedly sold her house as part of this phantom divorce. Since no divorce has happened, this tabloid is obviously not a reliable source.

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