Growing Your Hair Out Gray: 9 Stunning Photo Examples Of How To Do It Well

Instragram user @silverhair.sau and @trending.silver showcasing their gray hair transitions.

Gray hair is a universal part of the human experience, with some of us seeing the first few white strands glistening in our mane earlier than others. Yet like bad bangs that seem to take forever to grow out, that transition period of your gray hair growing in can feel as awkward as being 13 felt.

There are a few ways to soften the transition, though. Using highlights and lowlights to soften the roots can help. Going all in and shaving your hair or chopping it off into a pixie cut can also help to make a smoother transition. Using extensions or accessories can also ease you into the big change. Or, you can just let nature take its course. No matter how you choose to do it, once you go gray, there’s no other way!

If you need some inspiration, we’ve found some women rocking the transition to gray hair. We are here for it!

1. Go Wild And Free

2. Keep Your Style Polished

3. Make It Short And Sassy

4. Dye The Rest Of Your Hair To Match

5. Make It Multi-Dimensional

6. Play Into Your Natural Texture

7. Braids For Days

8. Slick It Back

9. Play With Your Part

Wherever you are in your hair journey, the goal is the same. However, the transition can be a lot smoother with some forethought and a great hair routine.

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