Gwyneth Paltrow Emphasizes The Importance Of Mammograms


Though many people don’t enjoy going to the doctor, Katie Couric knows the importance of routine checkups. After receiving a standard mammogram and ultrasound earlier this year, the mom of two was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As she continues to raise awareness about breast cancer, the journalist is praising women such as Gwyneth Paltrow for spreading the word about the importance of regular mammograms.

In a recent Instagram post, Paltrow shared that she isn’t afraid of going to the doctor. In fact, the actress receives an annual mammogram and sonogram. As she wrote in the caption, “In addition to a mammogram, I go see @sonobreasts every year for a radiation-free sonogram. Sonograms can find tumors at very early stages.”

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As an advocate for early breast cancer detection, Couric was quick to comment on Paltrow’s post. “45% of women 40 and older have dense breasts and should ask their doctor about breast ultrasound. Often mammograms alone can’t detect tumors in dense breasts,” remarked the journalist. “Thank you for spreading the word!”

‘Early Detection Is Everything’

In a recent interview with ET, Couric shared an update about her cancer diagnosis. “I’m doing great. I’m feeling great. I’m really lucky,” reflected the 65-year-old.

“Like one in three women, I was diagnosed with cancer. But, you know, I was very fortunate because early detection is everything and it was detected early. So, it’s not only treatable, it’s curable. And that’s why everyone needs to get screened.”

In September, Couric penned a beautiful essay that shared her breast cancer diagnosis with the public. The journalist shared that after receiving a routine mammogram and ultrasound, the doctor informed Couric that she had stage 1A cancer.

The following month, the news anchor received a successful lumpectomy along with radiation. Thankfully, since the cancer was detected early, there’s a low chance of the cancer returning.

Still, the journalist is taking the opportunity to spread the word that early detection saves lives. In fact, Couric has made it her personal mission to be an advocate for cancer awareness.

“I know a lot of people skip their mammograms because of the pandemic. And I wanted to make sure people knew that they have to get their mammograms,” Couric remarked.

“And if they have dense breasts, they should talk to their medical provider about getting ultrasounds. So, you know, listen, I made it my mission to try to increase cancer awareness. So, this is just another step towards that goal.”

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