Hawaiian Jewelry Maker’s Work Is Part of Betty White’s Estate Auction

Imagine being a Betty White superfan and finding out that she not only kept the necklace you made for her nearly three decades ago, but that it is now being auctioned off with her estate as part of her collection. For Melyssa Cheng Goya of Alewa Heights, Hawaii, that’s exactly what happened—and she couldn’t be happier.

Cheng Goya’s History With White

Cheng Goya first met White when she was 17 at a book signing in 1991 in Portland, Oregon. She became a fan of White’s in the mid-’80s when the highly acclaimed and top-rated Golden Girls sitcom began.

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The two stayed in touch and celebrated several milestones over the years. Cheng Goya visited White on the set of several productions and eventually became Vice President of the Golden Girls star’s fan club. White sent flowers on Cheng Goya’s wedding day since she couldn’t attend, celebrated the birth of her daughters with a gift of baby clothes, and met the rest of the family in 2012.

Cheng Goya told HawaiiNewsNow: “I made jewelry out of Fimo clay beads and I decided one day, it would be fun to send her a bracelet. So, I sent it to her and she loved it. She wrote a letter back and then a few years later, I decided ‘Oh, maybe she needs a necklace to go along with that.’”

The two stayed in touch until White passed away.

White’s Estate Auction

This weekend Julien’s Auctions, in conjunction with the late comedian’s estate, is giving fans the opportunity to own some very sentimental items. An exclusive collection of more than 1,500 of White’s personal possessions are for sale from September 23 through the 25th.

While many fans send celebrities gifts, imagine Cheng Goya’s surprise when she saw the jewelry she made for White several decades ago among the star’s prized possessions that are up for auction.

Cheng Goya described the feeling it gave her to see her items on the site. “When it came to the jewelry section, I noticed some jewelry there that it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it and I realized that was mine! That’s what I sent her how many years ago! I am just floored. I am beyond the moon that that would even be considered part of her collection!”

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The starting bid for Cheng Goya’s jewelry is $300.

Other items up for auction include the Hollywood icon’s awards, scripts, wardrobe and memorabilia from her iconic television shows and films, as well as furnishings, artwork, fine jewelry, household, and personal items from her beloved homes in Brentwood and Carmel, California.

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