He Still Prefers Kilts In Scotland

King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort just carried out their first public engagement since the royal mourning period for Queen Elizabeth ended, greeting crowds in Scotland. King Charles’ title might have changed, but his love of Scottish kilts has not.

King Charles And Camilla’s First Public Engagement

The king and Camilla traveled to Dunfermline, Scotland, for a ceremony that formally conferred city status on the former town. This event was part of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and King Charles said the event would “gladden my dear mother’s heart, as it certainly gladdens mine.”

King Charles in a kilt walking with Camilla Parker Bowles
Britain’s King Charles III, wearing a kilt, and Britain’s Camilla, Queen Consort walk to meet members of the public after leaving from City Chambers to Dunfermline Abbey in Dunfermline in south east Scotland on October 3, 2022. (Neil Hanna / AFP) (Photo by NEIL HANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

King Charles and the Queen Consort walked the streets of Dunfermline, greeting the waiting crowds and shaking hands with townspeople. Many Scottish citizens were happy to see the king wearing a traditional Scottish kilt, made of a blue and green tartan. 

The Significance of Different Royal Tartans

There are many different types of tartans worn by the royal family, and each one has its own special meaning. Some can only be worn by very specific people; for example, the Balmoral tartan could only be worn by the queen and her personal piper. Other members of the royal family had to get Queen Elizabeth’s permission if they wanted to wear it. 

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The king frequently wears kilts to public engagements and other appearances—he wore the Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan earlier this month as he and his siblings stood vigil around their mother’s coffin in Edinburgh before her funeral. It’s not surprising King Charles decided to sport another set of tartan for his appearance in Dunfermline. 

King Charles Celebrates Dunfermline’s New City Status

During his speech at the ceremony, the king shared the people of Dunfermline’s excitement at being named an official city. “As you celebrate your well-deserved status as Scotland’s new city, I can only offer my warmest congratulations and my heartfelt wishes for the years to come,” he said

“I was delighted when, in May this year, it was announced that Dunfermline was one of the eight communities being granted city status to mark the late queen’s Platinum Jubilee,” King Charles continued. “There could be no more fitting way to mark my beloved mother’s extraordinary life of service than by granting this honor to a place made famous by its own long and distinguished history, and by the indispensable role it has played in the life of our country.”

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s appearance showed UK citizens and royal fans around the world what they can expect from the couple in coming royal engagements—including what they’re going to wear. We’re looking forward to seeing how the king’s kilt collection changes during his reign.

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