Here’s What a Membership Got Me on Their Site (Seeking Arrangement Reviews) First Look:


  • Excellent female-to-male ratio, better than any other site
  • Very active members, sort by ‘recently active’ in search
  • One of the most comprehensive verification processes of any site
  • A fun design and layout, that highlights what sugar babies want from you
  • Available in multiple countries and languages
  • Has a reputation for “celebrity” sugar daddies whom we better not mention by name
  • Has a regularly updated blog with tips on how to pick up sugar babies
  • Free gold membership available for college women, special discounts for new sugar daddies
  • One of the best sites for guys who want to find threesomes or foursomes with multiple women.


  • Aside from Ashley Madison, probably the most controversial sugar dating site
  • Fake profiles and bots are around especially before you pay…be patient
  • Very rarely there are prostitutes are fishing – beware of breaking any laws
  • Old and abandoned profiles are still searchable
  • Premium price
  • If you are a woman on the site you need to be careful of bank account scams. Only receive money via CashApp or Paypal.

Main Features & Highlights

  • Video chat and a VIP room for verified profiles
  • Only share your photos with people you trust and keep things private
  • Sugar babies join for free and get lots of pricey gifts – yes, these women are real!

When I first heard of Seeking, I was a little intimidated, but still very interested. When you read the opening slogans like “Find a mentor”, “Date experienced men” and “ideal relationships”, it raises eyebrows, and even makes you gulp, “This is legal, right?”

When you start reading ads like “4 Sugar Babies per Sugar Daddy” and “upfront and honest relationships”, you realize this is a different kind of dating site. Not one where you’re scouring for “real women”…but more along the lines of “Do I fit the part?”

Seeking Arrangement? No Problem!

Now to be completely honest, not everyone is going to fit this part. Since I am an adult male over the age of 35, and what might be called “Upper Class” (though I certainly enjoy trash TV and lowbrow comedy) I knew that I did fit the part when I walked through those virtual doors.

For those of us not “in the know”, sugar daddies are expected to bring the money, while sugar babies bring the beauty and charm. 

To you sugar daddy contestants out there: that doesn’t mean just picking up the check like a gentleman. That means paying for everything, buying her nice things, spoiling her with expensive attention, and then spending a few extra dollars after the fact, just to see her smile. 

Oh yeah and remember: You’re happy as a clam about this arrangement. You don’t spend money begrudgingly. And you’re not buying an escort service nor are you trying to pick up Julia Roberts as Richard Gere, if you catch my drift. 

You’re just embracing your role as the successful and sophisticated man who has no problem wining and dining beautiful women. The only “problem” is finding a place that encourages such unique relationships and that has a huge selection of, well, beautiful women, and not your local Craigslist Harpy. 

That’s why I joined Seeking with an open mind, and admittedly, an almost over-eager enthusiasm to pull a Shane McMahon and sing, “Here comes the money.”

I joined for free and bought their Gold Membership. Fast forward a month and hundreds of messages, and I have been on several dates, one of which ended very well, two of which are promising, and the last which didn’t turn out so great.

What happens at Seeking after you pay? In this review, I’m going to take you through the entire process and explain a little bit about what to expect as an emerging Sugar Daddy. (Seeking is also associated with, as they are part of the same network)

What Happens After You Start “Seeking?”

After joining, I entered my demographical information – namely that I am a man looking for women. The first choice I was given felt a little bit like a roleplaying game with that daunting question that will inevitably affect the future: 

“Are you looking for Looks and Charm or Success and Wealth?”

I took this to mean that I could focus on meeting another wealthy woman, someone I can relate to, and probably an executive my own age… 

Or, you know, I could meet someone young, sexy, inquisitive, and fun to be around – you know, the opposite of an executive my age! 

So I chose the option for “sugar baby” and then was taken to an email and birthday signup page. For reasons I don’t entirely understand myself, I chose the username “HankHeyNow” and uploaded a photo. 

From there, it was time to choose my location, describe myself, and then announce those physical characteristics, which only reminded me that I’m being romantically matched for my money, thank god, and not my chiseled young body. 

I also shared that I had an associates degree, was a social drinker, not a smoker, and that I was divorced – though to Seeking’s credit, I could have said I was married but looking, separated, widowed, or even in an open relationship, and everybody would have been cool with that too. 

Then Seeking asked for my net worth and annual income. I entered my category and then felt a tinge of pity for the next guy who stumbles upon Seeking, ready to be honest and admit he has a great personality but still only works a part-time job and still lives at home with mom. 

Yeah, Seeking doesn’t offer much in the way of sympathy. I can only imagine what happens to profiles that make under $100,000. Are they just banned from the site or do they get mocked and humiliated by the moderators too?

But then stuff got real. In order to find my favorite sugar babies, I had to choose seven “tags” that define what I am looking for from this website, and then another descriptive paragraph to boot. 

I chose the following, and I imagine my demographic would probably choose something similar: 

  • No strings attached
  • Non-monogamous
  • Flexible schedule
  • Emotional connection
  • Attentive
  • Travel with me
  • All ethnicities (because why discriminate among such diverse beauties? Or more to the point, dat ass!)

Then I had to come up with a great headline and About Me section, which I now understand is not so much “about me” but just a few reasons on why women should choose me because I’m awesome sort of thing. 

Seeking is an ideal place to meet sugar babies, college girls, hookups, and frankly, women that just want to waste your time – but damned if you mind it, because they’re gorgeous! 

That’s an important aspect about the site to remember. There’s no guaranteed sex, or negotiated favors. It’s just like any other dating site in that respect, like: 

The only real difference is that you will meet real-life beautiful women (who are interested in getting spoiled and lavished with attention), and you are competing against other wealthy men, so you have to kind of bring your own charm, money, and enthusiasm. There’s no room for sore losers or sour grapes jerk offs here. Be a gentleman and be excited to play the game. 

Sex may or may not happen, depending on the chemistry you have together. I’ll get to that soon, but first, let’s talk about how the opening chats went. Review – No, it’s Not a Scam

First, although the site does let you join for free, you only get access to a profile, your own photos, and the ability to search profiles. You have to buy a premium package for video chat, infinite messaging, verification, and a profile boost. 

Naturally, since rich men are all the rage of this site, you are expected to verify your profile at some point – at least if you want any sugar babies to take you seriously. Verification will require passing a background check that costs $50, but does not require you to verify your income. 

So we come to the question, are you able to play the game? If you do, then the odds are in your favor. Seeking is one of the few sugar dating websites out there that have a high ratio of women to men. And with respects to Bumble, these women are more fun! Party-hard types, more college shenanigans than looking for a serious relationship. 

Unless of course that relationship is sugar daddy spoiling his princess! So yes, the verification process is a bit of a pain. They want records, they want proof of everything, because they are trying to weed out the catfishers and the guys who waste everyone’s time. 

They will also run a criminal background check and why wouldn’t they? No one wants to match up with a serial killer from The Dating Game – as if that could ever happen, right?

You can join and look around for free, but if you want interaction you will want to pay the premium and verify your profile and photos. 

This site is…well, a little obsessed with money and DUH! There aren’t any personality quizzes or algorithms here. The first thing a woman notices about your profile is how much money you make and then your photo. 

When you see a sugar baby’s profile, you immediately see her suggested price for a fun date, which is a figure you really ought to take seriously. Sugar babies don’t like when you “negotiate” or “low ball” them out of a proper date. Hey, if you’re a wealthy man and want to get laid by a real beauty, why would you want to haggle with them before you even ask her out?

You can also check her profile out for information on what she wants – wishlists and future goals.

Also, if you just want to chat with women for free, don’t bother. With a free account, you don’t get any messages. You can see potential matches but if you want the full experience, you need to pay for it and not make a stink about paying for it, Mister Sugar Daddy. 

Are there bots or fake people on Seeking?

Well, yeah, to put it bluntly. Bots and hookers are common on popular sugar daddy websites. But the online dating site, Seeking, enforces a site-wide ban on prostitution and such is enforced by the company’s staff moderators. 

Bots are certainly not company-sponsored (and if they were, would Seeking really admit it?) but there are bound to be some fake profiles sending flirts and yes, I did receive some. 

But, it wasn’t the end of the world and no, I did not pull a “Bender” and engage in intercourse with the bots. They are fairly easy to spot and ignore because they’re overly friendly and not all that conversational. 

In the end, remember that when you’re conversing with actual sugar babies, you are bound to find a lot of unusual profiles, unique wants and requests, and some very interesting relationships that are definitely not all vanilla, not all sexual, and not all what you’re expecting. Be open-minded and grateful and you are sure to have lots of fun. 

How Do Dates Go on

Not to share too much about my personal life – although I kind of just admitted I use a site like Seeking! – but arranging for dates on Seeking is fairly easy. 

These girls want money, they want to be spoiled, and want to receive gifts. If they don’t have a date lined up that night, they will very likely go out with you and enjoy a fancy dinner somewhere. Bonus: They also get to join for free. Most of them are understandably cheerful and happy to start a chat. 

Personally, I found the site very easy to use and thankfully minimalist as far as too many confusing menus and tabs. Compared to say something like Adult Friend Finder (which looks sort of like a virtual red light district with too many menus to read) I found Seeking’s design simple and straightforward. 

Now keep in mind, before you go on an in-person date, there is a bit of a getting-to-know-you process and this is mainly for the benefit of these sugar babies. Even though you’re “verified” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a lovable and sexy guy. They need to get to know you first. 

One of the first ways to get to know a guy is to join the “Diamond Membership for Daddies/Mommas” (and yes you can look for another rich MILF if you prefer!) and then start touring the VIP rooms. VIP rooms are only open to people that verify their profiles, agree to a background check, and meet the minimum financial requirements. 

From there, you can go and start a conversation with text, hopefully a good one. 

You can choose from: 

  • Newest members
  • Members online right now
  • College-aged women
  • Keyword search
  • Location match

Here’s an idea – rather than saying just “Hello” or something crude, try reading her profile all the way through and just jumping right into the conversation. You know, as if you’ve already been talking a few minutes and this is Question 5. Fast-forward to the good stuff and get some ideas from the information she shares on her profile. 

Once you make her laugh and get her talking, it’s time to join VIP Chat, a fairly new feature that’s great for voice and face verification. No catfishing here – just the real thing, once you find someone else who’s verified. 

My Experiences Chatting with Sugar Babies

I found that conversations with sexy strangers were a breeze, once I got them talking about college. Surprise, right? These women love talking about themselves, their lives, and what they want from guys who have volunteered to buy them stuff. Sometimes the best conversations were about subjects the sugar babies were learning in college.

When it came to “getting laid”, well, I only had a single physical affair from the short time I joined, though I met two other very nice college girls, and one date that didn’t go very well. 

Date #1: The Millennial Kinkster 

The search tool for Seeking is actually very efficient and can help you find specific and niche profiles. I was looking for a “sub” into the spanking lifestyle – and I got some great texts out of my headline. (Er not to reveal much about myself but uh…yeah, too late) 

And I did get an in-person meeting with someone who shared this specific interest. But after meeting for coffee, I quickly discovered we were on two different wave-lengths. She also didn’t appreciate some of my witticisms. Oh well. You win some and you lose many. That’s not just online sugar dating, but dating in general. 

Date #2: The Busy Socialite

I found my second date based on a local radius search from 0-250 miles. I was not very specific for physical characteristics. We met for coffee and she told me all about her open relationship and “very cool” boyfriend. The chemistry was not exactly sizzling, but our conversation was still fun. 

Nothing else happened. She seems very busy lately…although she does sometimes text me back. But hey, I enjoy chatting with her and seeing her updated wishlists, some of which I am willing to buy just to get a video chat with her. 

Date #3: The Mystery Woman

I started texting a woman who had no profile or even a name. Apparently, verified members can choose to hide everything about themselves and only share certain photos with the people they like. 

I almost thought she was a spambot at first but I figured I might as well humor her and give the chat a try. To my surprise, she sent a photo and she looked great. We still chat but she’s taking it slow and I’m fine with that. 

Date #4: The Gen X Experience

My “successful” date was discovered with a local radius search (and with GPS technology that found someone very close to my side of the city, but without giving away our location). 

I also adjusted the preferences filter to find her. By dating slightly older and not limiting myself to college-age only, I found a redhead in her late thirties who was not too discriminating and certainly not above being spoiled by a guy like me, who doesn’t put a number on beauty.

She was actually a breath of fresh air, since money wasn’t that important to her – all Red wanted was a little effort put forth by yours truly, and to be treated like a college-aged sugar baby. I was all about that and it turns out, we both had a great night. 

Is Seeking’s Membership Worth It?

To put it frankly, it’s not even worth downloading unless you’re willing to buy the premium plan. The premium subscription is free to pretty women but costs a reasonably high price for men who are not fooling around or wasting anyone’s time

Seeking is the real deal and so expect to pay a premium to filter out all the wrong types of dates and instead get the 4-1 female-to-male ratio that every guy desires. Prices are as follows:  

1 Month 89.95 USD / Month 89.95 USD

  • Premium Subscription (Successful Members)

3 Months 79.95 USD / Month 239.85 USD

1 Month 249.95 USD / Month 249.95 USD

  • Premium (Attractive Member) Subscription

1 Month 19.95 USD / Month 19.95 USD

3 Months 14.95 USD / Month 44.85 USD

Is Seeking Safe to Use?

Occasionally companies and countries will ban Seeking from app stores because of the possibility of prostitution. But once again, this sugar daddy site does not allow solicitation for sex. All money exchanged is for time, gifts, expenses, and the like. Sex cannot be bought. Sex is the choice of the sugar baby, if and when she likes you. End of discussion. 

That said, the sugar babies have far more to worry about than the sugar daddies do. Please do, therefore, do everything you can to make them feel safe, comfortable, sociable, and NOT imply in any way that this is a sex meetup. It’s a date and that’s how you approach the Seeking community.

Seeking Arrangement Reviews: Final Verdict

If you understand the concept of sugar baby and sugar daddy – and understand 100 percent how this is not prostitution at all – then you’re going to enjoy this site. Besides, Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder, Seeking has one of the best reputations and highest member counts of any site, including:  

  • 8 million sugar babies
  • 2 million sugar daddies

If you’re a guy, this site is definitely one of the top sex dating sites since you are more in demand here.  That’s it for this review.  Thanks for reading and have fun sugar dating!

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