HGTV Star Christina Hall’s Unexpected Take On Turning 40


When people approach milestone birthdays, there’s usually a sense of dread or excitement for the big day. For HGTV star Christina Hall, aging is something to celebrate. In fact, the real estate investor and home design expert has a great take on her upcoming 40th birthday. And it’s something we all can learn from!

The star of the new series Christina in the Country knows that getting older is a gift. Plus, as a newlywed to realtor Joshua Hall, the home design expert is excited for this new chapter in her life.

In a recent interview with People, the HGTV star opened up about why she’s looking forward to turning 40 in July. As she said, “I’m approaching 40 in a few months and I feel like what I’ve heard is, in your forties, you’re the most confident and comfortable in your own skin.”

Turns out, Christina is “actually excited” to celebrate this milestone. As she shared more about what aging is like for her, Christina admitted, “I don’t feel like I’m 40. Not at all. I feel like I’m 32. I don’t know what happened.”

Regardless of what age she feels, the HGTV star has a big adventure planned for the big day. Christina Hall shared that she has a “real big fun trip” in mind, which may just mean traveling to Italy.

As the home design expert finishes out her 30th decade, she has recently debuted her new limited series on HGTV, Christina in the Country. Now that Christina splits her time between Tennessee and California, it’s no surprise that this new series is a spin-off of her west coast show, Christina on the Coast.

In an Instagram post, Christina Hall shared that the Tennessee-based show is her “new favorite project.” The first episode of the series even features her sister-in-law Stacie with her husband Joel. For Christina, it’s a dream come true, and for viewers, it’s a much less stressful experience than the show that brought her to most people’s attention, Flip or Flop.

“I have fallen in love with Tennessee and it truly has become our home away from home,” the real estate investor shared on Instagram. “We are enjoying all the perks of country living—the friendly people, clean air, nature and clear night sky. Having the opportunity to grow my design business both here and in California is a dream come true.”

As for other plans she has for the new year once she and her new husband are settled, she told People that she wants to start her own home line. “A Christina collection-type thing,” Christina remarked. “That’s something we’re working on right now, getting that in a big box store. Hopefully that comes into fruition next year.”

The home design expert also wants to share her expertise by providing business advice to others. Christina Hall hopes to soon create “an online seminar course on manifesting, creating wealth in your dream life,” though she’s clearly going to busy enjoying her honeymoon periods in her personal and professional lives.


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