Hilaria Baldwin Shares Her Support For Alec Baldwin Amid Ongoing ‘Rust’ Woes


Alec Baldwin remains a pariah for his role in the tragic Rust shooting. The death of Halyna Hutchins continues to bring sorrow to her family and everyone who loved her, and it’s pushed Baldwin into legal battles. Hilaria Baldwin, a controversial figure in her own right, stands by her husband.

Hilaria Baldwin Was There From Day One

Lives changed on October 21, 2021 when a prop gun fired a live round on the set of the western Rust, fatally wounding cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Blame was largely placed on Alec, although the actor is arguing otherwise. From the instant Alec found out Hutchins had died, Hilaria was involved. In footage from the police station of Alec being given the bad news, the first thing Alec asks for is to call his wife.

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The ensuing media circus has kept Alec in the spotlight, and Hilaria’s had his back every step of the way. Similarly, during Hilaria’s own scandal, he supported her the entire time. The only place you’re guaranteed to see Alec happy these days is photos from Hilaria’s Instagram.

Alec Baldwin Is Thankful

Earlier this week, Hilaria posted a photograph of her hand clutching Alec’s. “I am not going anywhere. Take all the time to be sad. I am here,” Hilaria writes.

Alec responded to the image with a lengthy message thanking his wife for her unwavering support. Alec starts by casting doubt on the narrative around him shooting the gun. “I never realized how a thing such as this could unfold this way. Everyone on that set knows what happened. Everyone. And yet the depiction in the press has, by and large, obviated all of that.”

He further refutes the idea that he would ever violate his decades of experience working with firearms on a film set and alludes to his own status as a victim in all of this: “Although there are only two actual victims, in this case, I find it difficult to endure the insistence of so many that I woke up that day and violated every safety procedure I had learned over 40 years. All the while, the question of where any live ammunition came from remains unanswered.”

Love Is Mutual

Finally, Alec thanks Hilaria. “If not for you, I cannot imagine how life would be right now.” Hilaria responded as well with a lengthy post of her own, concluding, “We cannot force these people, but we can be a mighty support system … all of the people who are reading this and all of us who love you so. We see you and we hold you. You are safe with us, Alec.”

If nothing else, Alec can count on Hilaria’s support through this hard stretch in his life. It’ll likely still be sometime before the legal side of this tragedy is worked out, however.


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