Hilarious Gen X Tweets That Prove They Win At Generational Humor

Gen X might be the generation that’s most commonly overlooked, but all it’s done is made them funnier! Social media, particularly Twitter, has proven to be fertile ground for the generation that brought us Pepsi Crystal.

Generation X Humor Wins Twitter

When it comes to generational humor, there’s a clear winner. Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z might think they have the comedy market cornered, but it’s really Generation X who have our vote for the funniest folks on Twitter.

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Coming directly between two of the biggest generations thus far, Baby Boomers and Millennials, Generation X is used to feeling like the forgotten middle child, but they’ve just used that to really hone their sense of humor. 

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The Overlooked Generation

Gen X is so used to being ignored, that it’s not uncommon for insults meant for Baby Boomers are often tossed their way. What does a Gen Xer have to do to get some attention around here?

This is also the generation known for its self-deprecating humor, so it’s no surprise that some jokes were at Gen X’s expense. After all, Gen X can give just as well as they can take. 

Younger Generations Show Respect

Still, despite the disrespect, Gen X’s cultural importance hasn’t been forgotten, at least not by the generation that followed them. Though Millennials have a reputation for being entitled, at least one member of the generation wrote a list of reasons why Gen X was the most intimidating generation of all time. 

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The viral tweet quickly sparked recognition among other members of Gen X, several of whom went on to recount their own “feral” childhood experiences. There will never be another generation quite like Gen X, and maybe that’s a good thing. Who knows how we all survived those “feral” childhoods. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, we suppose. 

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