Hoda Kotb Gives ‘Today’ Fans Update On Al Roker’s Health


Fans of the Today show have been missing Al Roker since he has been gone due to health issues, and his co-host Hoda Kotb just updated fans on the status of his recovery. Roker has been hospitalized and is recovering from a blood clot, but Kotb assured viewers he’s in “very good care.”

Al Roker Hospitalized For Blood Clots

Roker was hospitalized in November, revealing in an Instagram post that he was receiving treatment for blood clots. “Last week I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg which sent some clots into my lungs,” the anchor explained. 

A few weeks later, he shared a video of himself walking in the hospital, telling his followers he was “getting ready to leave the hospital.”

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However, just one day after his release, Roker was rushed back to the hospital. 

Page Six reported, “His condition was worrying, but once back in the hospital he improved.” Roker’s co-hosts also discussed his health in a recent episode of the Today show. 

Hoda Kotb Tells Viewers ‘He’s In Very Good Care’

“We all wish that Al could have been with us,” Kotb said, referring to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. “But due to some complications, he is back in the hospital and he’s in very good care. He’s resting and his doctors are keeping a close eye on him.”

She continued, “Al and his family want everyone to know how grateful they are for all the love, the support, and the well-wishes.”

Kotb also shared that she and her co-host Craig Melvin got to FaceTime Roker from the tree-lighting and that he gave them “a big thumbs-up.”

Fan Reactions: ‘We Can’t Imagine A World Without Al Roker’

“Aww-prayers you get better and feel healthier than before,” one fan wrote under the video clip of Kotb and Melvin. Another commented, “Sorry to hear that. Blood clots are stinkers. Wishing @alroker the best.”

Another wrote, “Miss seeing you on the Today Show! Praying for a complete recovery for you!” Someone else commented, “We wish you a very safe recovery and the very best for a healthy holiday season……..in short we ‘can’t imagine a world without Al Roker.’”

Fans are disappointed that Roker hasn’t been on the air for the past few weeks, missing big events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree-lighting celebration, but they’re glad to hear he’s doing better!

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