Hoda Kotb’s Latest Honor Shows What Happens When Women Lift Each Other Up

Name a better duo than Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie. For Forbes‘ second annual “50 Over 50” list, Guthrie made sure her Today co-anchor was honored. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the pair’s iconic friendship.

Hoda Kotb Makes ’50 Over 50′ List

Forbes recently published its “50 Over 50” list, curated with the help of Morning Joe star Mika Brzezinski. The list is meant to honor prominent women who didn’t find their greatest success until after turning 50. The list features recognizable names like Dolly Parton, Kris Jenner, and Angela Bassett, all of whom are currently living life to its fullest at well over 50. However, as Brzezinski wrote for the publication, Today co-host Hoda Kotb “takes the message of this important initiative to a whole new level.”

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Kotb became co-anchor of Today at 53, and she adopted her two daughters that very same year. Ever since then, Kotb’s star has only risen. Kotb not only shows that women will be okay after turning 50—she’s proven that you can absolutely thrive after crossing that threshold. She exemplifies not only the possibility of finding professional success later in life but also deep personal fulfillment as well.

Of course, the ever-humble Hoda Kotb didn’t nominate herself. It was actually her Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie that made sure her name was in the running. She told Forbes how her co-worker and friend is “profoundly inspiring to women everywhere.”

Savannah Guthrie Gushes Over Hoda Kotb

Funnily enough, Brzezinski wanted to feature both Guthrie and Kotb on the list, but Guthrie just turned 50, making her a little too young for this particular honor. However, that didn’t stop Guthrie from making sure Kotb got the recognition.

“Hoda is the living, breathing demonstration that you can have it all, and you can have it on your own terms,” Guthrie told Forbes. “She represents to me what a modern woman is. She is strong. She is beautiful. She is kind. She is authentic. She is devoted to her family. She maintains and cultivates her friendships. And she is an incredible professional and a wonderful journalist.”

Guthrie even made sure to read the tribute Brzezinski wrote about Kotb on the air. In an emotional moment, Guthrie even starts to tear up talking about her co-host.

Guthrie and Kotb made history just a few years ago when they became the first female anchor duo at NBC in 70 years. They are an amazing example of how women don’t have to be in competition with one another. When women lift each other up, they reach far greater heights.

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