How Can I Use CBD For My Sleep Problems?


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CBD has turned into being an unlikely savior in our times of need. With a lot of people slowly leaning away from conventional western medicine, the polls are slowly turning in CBD’s favor. But one beckons the question, why? It is much because of the addictive effect that western medicine has begun to garner. Although many of these preconceptions are true, even more are false as well. The need for an herbal, organic substitute has been much in need! That is where CBD makes its hero entry!

The reason for this blog piece is to help you answer the question of “what CBD can do for your sleep?” So without much delay, let us begin!

Like an infuriated parent would say “All you do is eat and sleep!” Sleep is as important, if not one of the most important regime to make sure a person is healthy and well. A good night’s rest is a requisite for a properly functioning human being. When you fall short in the sleep department that is when all hell breaks loose! Your body begins tiring all too often. Lethargic becomes your middle name. You feel bloated and struggle to keep focus for more than a few minutes. You start gaining weight, high blood pressure and many more. If there is anything, it is that sleep is essential for your well-being! A good 6 to 8 hours of shut eye is a requisite!

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a non-psychoactive compound that is obtained on extraction from marijuana plant and hemp seed plant. It is one of the many such compounds called “cannabinoids” that are found in these plants.

The short answer is NO! CBD as mentioned earlier is a non-psychoactive compound. The feeling of intoxication is attributed to THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD consist of less than 0.3% THC. This is not even close enough to intoxicate a grown adult!

Yes, it can. The lifestyle that many of us Gen-X and millennials follow, seldom allow for a pause here and there. It could be the upcoming university examinations or the presentation that you have to present in front of the board of directors that is getting you all riled up! Stress and anxiety and the sole issues one need to take care of to ensure proper sleep. CBD helps with just that!

CBD initially begins by calming the body. It actively plugs into the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body. The CBD inhibits pain receptors that could be the reason for chronic joint pain due to arthritis and back pain. The sleeplessness due to pain can be controlled by taking CBD. What more, it is less addictive than over the counter prescription such as painkillers! CBD acts as a much healthier herbal alternative! It helps for much longer and deeper REM sleep cycles, leaving you much more content and well rested in the morning.

CBD also proactively regulates cortisol, which is a stress generating hormone. CBD puts a stop to the excess of cortisol and helps you stay more relaxed for longer!

There’s a friend in CBD for that too! CBD has been seen to help people with frequent nightmares and even post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. There have been studies conducted as recent as 2016, which showed CBD in positive light on relaxing schizophrenic patients and helping them sleep. By using CBD, the mind slips into a deeper state of sleep cycles and the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle is more prominent!

CBD can be ingested in a variety of ways. If you want quick relief, especially from pain-induced sleeplessness, it is advised to use a vape pen or to smoke the CBD dab. The effects, although instant, wear off quickly. For a longer retention time, it is advised to consume the CBD sublingually. This involves diffusing the pure CBD oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil. The diffused CBD oil drops are then placed under the tongue, and held there for a minute at least, before swallowing. The region under the tongue is capillary-rich, which allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream. The effect lasts for well more than a couple of hours. Edibles are also an alternative, but having food in your stomach lessens the effect and takes a lot longer to show.

For those who have tried every other trick in the book to help solve their sleeplessness problems, I highly advise you to place your bets on CBD for a change. I won’t fail you!

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