How Candace Cameron Bure Helped Danica McKellar Explore Christianity

Faith can be a complicated thing. If you’re embarking on a new spiritual path, it’s good to have a friend to help you through your journey. For The Wonder Years star Danica McKellar, that friend just so happened to be Candace Cameron Bure of Full House.

‘I Was Filled With Such A Feeling Of Love’

In a new video for the Great American Family channel’s website, Danica McKellar opened up about the spiritual journey she’s recently found herself on. “So, I discovered my faith, Christianity, this year,” McKellar began. “When I say discovered, I mean I had been around it before, but it never really resonated.”

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She went on to describe how her family was skeptical of organized religion as she was growing up. “Then, this year, actually, my good friend, Candace Cameron Bure, brought me to church, and I had a different experience,” McKellar explained. “It had been brewing for a little while… All I know is that I was filled with such a feeling of love. It was overwhelming, it was emotional.”

Apparently, Bure showed her support by gifting McKellar her very own bible. At this point in the video, McKellar pointed to a bookshelf where a gorgeous golden book casually rests on the top shelf. Interestingly, McKellar noted that her father found his Christian faith 20 years prior. “At the time, I hadn’t been raised that way. So, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool. I’m so happy this is working for you.’ But it wasn’t a part of my existence yet. It wasn’t in my soul yet.”

McKellar And Bure Both Moved To Great American Family

The former child actress from The Wonder Years has had a varied professional life since finding fame in her youth. After the beloved show ended in 1993, McKellar went on to graduate Summa cum Laude from UCLA with a degree in mathematics. She’s since written multiple books aimed at teaching math to kids in every age group.

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McKellar still acts today; after starring in multiple Hallmark films, she moved over to the Great American Family channel. As it turns out, Bure has also made the transition from Hallmark to Great American Family. McKellar celebrated her friend’s move to the new network on Instagram.

It’s just so wholesome to see McKellar and Bure’s friendship endure all these years after they ran in the same sitcom circles. It just goes to show that it’s never too late to evolve and find new things in life that you’re passionate about.

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