Q: Who is Coach Damont?

A: I am a wealth coach, I help entrepreneurs get to their goals. I am also an investor. My start came from real estate flipping over 20 years ago.

Q: What is the Tycoon Agency?

A: It’s the first agency that manages entrepreneurs, athletes, and influencers. We help entrepreneurs structure, scale, market, and get 0% funding. We give entrepreneurs a “team.”

Q: Who can you help?

A: Anyone that is willing to unlearn what they have been taught and work with a team

Q: So many athletes retire, broke. How do you help them?

A: We first help them keep more of their income and pay 90% less in income taxes. We help them with asset protection and true generational wealth.  Then we help them build a line of credit that helps them leverage banks to build their portfolio. One of the athletes we work with just bought a new $100k+ Patek Philippe Watch by simply using the blueprint I gave him with American Express points. I’m also using this blueprint with Datone Jones (former NFL Player) . The NFL taught him to be competitive, but not to be wealthy. I’m super proud of his progress.

Q: What all do you do, Coach Damont?

A: I own a car dealership in Los Angeles, I have real estate & land, I own a tech company, and I own Jetcar Hydro which is the first of its kind in the United States. I have 21 Exotic Rental Cars in Miami, and 10 AirBNBs across the US. I’m an instructor at Millionaires University

Q: What is the highest amount of funding you’ve helped your CEOs at the agency acquire?

A: I have hundreds of successes; Racshid & Aricka Smith has over $1M in business funding including a new truck and sprinter and Chef Temicka Moore has over $200k plus her Tesla is in her business name.

Q: What would you tell the younger version of you?

A: Not to run from conflict to face it head-on. To learn sales, also to fix my wrongs and have integrity

Q: Do you honestly think anyone can be a millionaire?

A: Yes I do! If they are willing to be developed

Q: What is the difference between your team and financial advisors?

A: We are not just trying to sell you a product like most financial advisors. We help you create a solid Legacy Plan and reach your goals. We invest in your lineage and we teach you how to get the bank’s money, how to manage it, and how to protect yourself. And simple, I don’t think if a financial advisor is broke they can show me how to build wealth.

Q: Do you think people need more money or more information?

A: Neither! I think people need more discipline and a team of accountability partners around them. The money will come after that. Banks are giving away money, but if you don’t know how to leverage money is not the solution.

Q: How many streams of income should a person have?

A: I think people should first start with managing the one stream of income they have. Then learning the importance of budgeting and discipline. After they master that, they learn the system of credit and use credit to build endless streams of income. Which is true generational wealth.

Q: What is JETCAR Club?

A: I am the inventor of the first JETCAR Hydro™ which is an electric car that drives in the water. We now have Lamborghini on board and will start selling Franchises in a few months. JETCAR Hydro is the future of water vessels. We will make $40M in the next year with just our technology alone. The JetCar Hydro™ is a new cross between a car, and a jet ski and speedboat the JetCar Hydro™ is the most advanced personal watercraft ever created.

Q: What is your passion and how do you find it?

A: My purpose helped me find my passion. My purpose is to help people get to their purpose. I’m a coach and many people trust me to help them get to championships. They call me Phil Jackson.  You find your passion by finding your purpose. I would do my purpose for free.

Q: Do you think everyone should have Real Estate

A: Yes I own real estate and all my wealthy friends have it as well. I think most people buy it the wrong way. Real estate should be an asset, not a liability. I started doing real estate when I was 20. I have flipped over 100 houses. My latest acquisition is a 100-acre development in Georgia. My plan is to give those contracts to a lot of realtors, entrepreneurs and contractors in my agency. They are well equipped.

Q: What’s your advice for current or future entrepreneurs?

A: Join my team because you need these 3 people on your team  Wealth Coach / Mentor    2. Funding & Finance  Mentor   3. Marketing & Success  Mentor

Q: What do you tell self taught entrepreneurs?

A: You don’t know it all. If you are smarter than everyone in the room you are in the wrong room

Q: Can your agency help a 9-5 worker?

A: Yes! You will not get wealthy simply working a 9-5 it will take investing. You can keep your 9-5 but use your 9-5 to fuel your plan. You can’t evolve without a plan.

Q: How does your Car Rental Business do in this market?

A: I have 21 exotic car rentals, many of them are on Turo. Most of them are booked until the end of the year in Miami because I have automated that business. I teach the CEOs in my agency everything I know. I own a car dealership so I get cars wholesale, then I do a method called car stacking.












Q: What is car stacking?

A:This is when you get more than one car at one time and rent them out to make money. This is all by leveraging TBM (The Banks Money) . We recently helped someone in our agency get 12 Mercedes G-Wagons at one time and now he rents them out which brings passive income.

Q: Do you think AirBNB is fading out?

A: No, not at all. Airbnb makes more money than the top hotel chains. I am now helping my entrepreneurs in my agency acquire international Airbnbs. No sneaking! No credit is needed!

Q: If a person wants to be wealthy what should they have?

A: A Non-Profit: For tax reasons and every wealthy person practices philanthropy, they are givers. So learning to be a giver helps you build wealth. I have a non-profit organization called The Caiya Foundation named in honor of  one of my good friends that passed of Cancer. My goal is to give $1M in scholarships to Millionaires University each year.

Q: What value do you give?

A: Everyone in my agency learns from the deals and acquisitions that I do and have. They learn how to close deals. They learn how to pitch deals. They learn how to get the bank’s money. My value is the community and relationships I bring. My grandmother used to say: It’s not what you know it’s who you know.

Q: Coach Damont what will your legacy be?

A: It remains to be seen what more God is going to do, but I imagine my legacy is going to be all the seeds I plant, all the people I mentor that now will teach their children and grandchildren. My legacy will be I’ll be known in the genus book of world records for building the most millionaires in history.

Q: How can someone meet with you if they need help?

A: They can go to and book a 1 on 1 Success Call  and follow me in IG  @ CoachDamont


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