How Creative Director Kylie Ayala Leads Brands to the Web3 Space


In the last few months, there has been a lot of talk about Web3 and the revolutionary benefits it will bring to the digital world, with plenty of whispers about its enormous benefits for the business world. This has seen many people rush to adopt this novel technology to gain a competitive advantage and take their businesses to the next level. But since it is still being built and is relatively new, there are a lot of questions about what it really is and how brands can use Web3 to grow their ventures. This is where Kylie Ayala steps in.

Kylie is a renowned creative director and NFT creator who has been in the blockchain space for years. She has developed different projects and worked with various brands in the tech field, including Meta, Google, and even Rolling stone. She is now leveraging her experience and vast knowledge to help others better understand Web3.

Kylie is leading brands into the Web3 space, expounding more on what it is and how people can leverage it to grow their businesses. She says that her goal is to make it easier for anyone to find their way in the field as she encourages fellow women in the tech space.

As a leading voice for women in the Web3 movement, Kylie uses her social platforms, TikTok and Instagram, to inspire and motivate young women and mothers. She shows other career women that no dream is too big and is building a bridge in Web3 to help women cross to the other side. In doing so, Kylie is also leading the way for brands and making it easier for them to enter the Web3 space.

Kylie has onboarded thousands of women into the world of Web3 and created an online TikTok family of women in tech. She has helped hundreds of artists and entrepreneurs successfully strategize and market their brands in the digital space. She says her goal is to double this number in the coming years as she makes the transition from Web2 to Web3 easier.

“The tech field is highly dominated by men, and being a woman in the space is not easy,” says Kylie. She explains that there are a lot of challenges, including people not taking you seriously, and most times, as a woman, you are expected to work twice as harder before you get that recognition. These are some obstacles Kylie has had to overcome to reach the top. They are also part of what inspired her to start her Web3 movement and support her fellow women.

Kylie is looking to build an online community of women in the tech space as she helps business owners learn more about Web3 and how they can use it to their competitive advantage. She is breaking down this novel technology into easy-to-understand terms and showing young entrepreneurs, especially women in tech, that nothing should intimidate them.

Her efforts in the industry have not gone unnoticed, as she has scooped several awards. Kylie Ayala is the Gold 2020 Ex Award Winner for the Reebok experience at ComplexCon (role: creative director). She has also helped to successfully launch numerous lines of Belvedere Vodka.


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