How HAIRtamin Restored Moisture To My Dry, Brittle Locks


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My hair and I have a long, complicated, chemical-filled history. In my younger years, I cycled through various methods of damaging my hair: heat, high and tight hairstyles, lack of moisture, chemicals, bleach—you name it, I probably did it. 

It’s been years since I’ve put a drop of box dye on my head, but my hair hasn’t completely forgiven me yet. Despite this (and only using heat tools every few months), my locks have been getting thinner, unrulier, and harder to manage. 

So, when I first heard about HAIRtamin, I was willing to try it out. I had tried other formulas, drugstore finds mainly, with little results. HAIRtamin’s all-natural formula was enough to convince me to give it a go.

An All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Formula

First, let’s discuss the most important thing: what, exactly, HAIRtamin is. Sure, it’s a supplement in pill form—but what’s in it? As ironic as it sounds coming from a woman who tried to bleach her own hair multiple times (look, I learned, okay?), it’s important for me to know what ingredients I’m putting in my body.

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So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that HAIRtamin’s formula is all-natural and vegan. Every ingredient listed on the bottle is one I can actually identify: aloe vera, turmeric, black pepper, rosemary, lutein, and more. Its powerhouse ingredients include biotin, vitamins C and D3, and zinc.

Moreover, HAIRtamin’s supplements are non-GMO and contain no allergens, binders, parabens, or preservatives. All things considered, HAIRtamin was already looking better than the foreign substance-filled supplements I’ve tried in the past.

My Experience With HAIRtamin

HAIRtamin’s Advanced Formula claims to help support stronger, longer, thicker-looking hair from the inside out. It not only aims to promote existing hair growth, but it also helps increase follicle strength for healthier-looking, more beautiful hair.

Full disclosure: I’ve never struggled in the length department. As of right now, my hair stretches down to just above my hips. However, it’s gotten thin, weak, and falls out easily while showering or brushing my hair. While I can’t speak to HAIRtamin’s ability to produce dramatically visible length, I’ve been happy with my results thus far.

I’ve been taking HAIRtamin for just under a month, which is a relatively short duration. HAIRtamin’s website and testimonials state that results are most visible after 60 days of regular use. Still, I’ve noticed tangible differences in my hair even after a few weeks.

Strength, Shine, And Silky Smoothness

HAIRtamin ingredient list and description

Most noticeably, I’ve seen an increase in my hair’s strength and shine. I normally pull an alarming number of loose strands out of my hair when I’m rinsing out my shampoo and conditioner. But that number seems to be decreasing. Just last night, I went to do my usual pull-through before stepping out of the shower and was surprised to find only one or two strands came out. 

I also work from home, which means I spend an excessive amount of time on video chats trying not to peer at myself in the bottom corner of my screen. Of course, I inevitably fail, but in my subtle peeks at myself, I noticed my hair catching the light of the window in front of me more than ever. My normally brunette hair almost looks blonde from the sheen when my hair catches the light at the right angle. 

Additionally, I’ve found my hair to be more manageable than it was before I started taking HAIRtamin. Could this also be partially due to my increased water intake and new hair-in-sock overnight method? Maybe—but I feel like the HAIRtamin supplements are helping move the process along faster.

Is HAIRtamin Right For You?

Overall, I’m pleased with what HAIRtamin has delivered thus far and look forward to the results getting even better with time. The pill is moderately sized with a slightly minty scent and flavor that hides the less-appealing odor of some multivitamins. I take it with my lunch at midday and haven’t noticed any stomach sensitivities or other GI issues.

HAIRtamin’s Advanced Formula can be used on all hair types and textures and all genders. However, its website does warn of a potential link between biotin and inaccurate blood lab results published by the FDA. This connection seems avoidable by stopping your biotin treatment at least eight hours before your lab work.

This herbal supplement is also safe for breastfeeding or pregnant individuals, though HAIRtamin recommends consulting your doctor first. Because HAIRtamin contains no drugs or hormones, there are no adverse reactions if you stop taking supplements. 

HAIRtamin is an all-natural formula that has helped restore my hair’s shine and strength. I can actually run my fingers through my hair without fear of taking a chunk of tresses along with it, and I’m looking forward to seeing what gains I make in the growth department with continued use.

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