How Hoda Kotb Is Supposedly Dealing With Engagement Breakup Six Months Later, According To Gossip

Is Hoda Kotb finally bouncing back after her recent split from her fiance? One tabloid claims the famous anchor underwent a major makeover to get back at her ex. Here’s what we know about Kotb’s new look!

‘Manless Hoda’s Magnificent Makeover’?

A recent edition of the Globe reports Hoda Kotb is looking better than ever, and she’s “on a desperate hunt for new love.” And according to the article, she has all the money in the world to prepare. Apparently, the beloved anchor has dropped a fortune on a full-body makeover, and now she looks like a completely new person. “She’s starting to look like a million bucks these days, and that’s about what she’s spending to help her catch a man,” an insider squeals to the tabloid.

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“She’s dropping an absolute fortune on everything from skin treatments to fillers, hairstylists, masseurs and designer clothes, and she’s dieting and exercising vigorously with trainers.” Kotb recently split from her longtime partner, and sources say she’s open to a new romance. “Desperate times call for desperate measures and Hoda is determined not to spend another holiday season down in the dumps over her love life,” the tipster concludes.

Hoda Kotb ‘On The Hunt’ For A New Man?

What an insulting story. Contrary to what the tabloid implies, Hoda Kotb has always looked like a million bucks. The woman has lived her life on camera for decades, and part of the job means constantly looking camera-ready—a task Kotb has never failed to live up to. Take, for example, this photo of Kotb on Thanksgiving of last year.

Of course, Kotb looks stunning as always. And notably, she looked no different than she does today. There isn’t a shred of evidence to suggest Kotb has dropped any more money than usual on her beauty routine in the past few months, and it’s beyond irresponsible to spread these insulting rumors.

More Gossip About Hoda Kotb From The Outlet

This is far from the first time the Globe has attacked Hoda Kotb. Last year, the outlet claimed Kotb was purposefully excluding Savannah Guthrie from her wedding party. Then the magazine reported that Kotb was getting friendly with Matt Lauer after splitting from her fiance. And finally, the rag alleged Kotb was fighting with Savannah Guthrie behind the scenes of Today. Since none of these tales turned out to be true in the slightest, we’re not buying any of the tabloid’s cruel rumors about Kotb.

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