How Kaif Bhatty Became a Beacon of Hope for the Hopeless

A cryptocurrency trader, a landlord, a multi-millionaire, and a philanthropist—these are just some of the words one may use to describe Kaif Bhatty. Looking at where he is now, it’s pretty difficult to believe that Kaif wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. However, it couldn’t be more true.

Growing up cash-strapped in a rough area in London always had Kaif questioning how it was possible for life to start so incredibly unfairly. Even attending school proved to be a struggle, as Kaif never recognized himself within the system. He didn’t feel like he had a place in it.

“I did not enjoy school and I was more focused on day-to-day survival rather than personal development,” says Kaif. “That was because teachers were never invested in aiding my development. They poked fun at me for having low grades, as if I wasn’t getting enough ridicule for my outdated clothes. I lost every ounce of self-confidence I had, which further tanked my academic performance.”

Despite all of this, Kaif managed to get a degree in psychology. He even set out to do a masters in occupational therapy, but that didn’t quite pan out.

“Education did not seem as important when rent was difficult to attain,” says Kaif. “I wanted financial freedom.”

With that goal in mind, Kaif dropped out of school in favor of job-hopping. Through all those years working as a staff member at Legoland, an Amazon driver, and a cargo loader, among other jobs, Kaif prayed for something bigger to come his way. Broke, depressed, and desperate for direction, he partnered up with his best friend to try out setting up a podcast.

They reached out to another long-time friend who, by a stroke of luck, introduced Kaif to a social media platform called Steemit. It is within this decentralized social media platform where he encountered an influencer who encouraged his followers to invest in coins.

On a leap of faith, Kaif Bhatty invested all his funds—a total of £700—on one of the five coins the influencer loved mentioning. In a matter of days, that initial investment shot up to £30,000. It was the most money Kaif had ever seen in his life. He had finally found a ticket out of poverty—or so he thought.

Soon enough, his good luck started to reverse its course. The bull market came and went, but the bears came next and took away the fortune Kaif had built for himself. With no experience, guidance, or knowledge, he had no choice but to watch that £30,000 go back down to £1,000.

It was at this point that Kaif realized financial freedom could not result from a string of lucky trades, because luck runs out. So, he invested all the money he had left on teaching himself how to trade cryptocurrency the right way. He also broadened his horizons and learned about forex and stocks.

Any other trader would have been happy enough making the kind of money Kaif made after learning the ins and outs of trading. For context, Kaif Bhatty attained over $1 billion of trading revenue in the second half of 2021 on the Binance exchange.

However, Kaif’s psychology degree and childhood struggles created a deep sense of empathy in him, so he sought to spread what he learned about crypto trading as far and as wide as possible. To this end, he set up an Instagram account where he documents the incredible profits he’s been making from trading. Regardless of whether he makes $100, $1,000, $40,000, or $100,000 in a day, he works hard to showcase his executions with honesty and transparency.

So far, Kaif’s trading plan has helped many people clear their debts, pay off their mortgages, and replace the income they get from their backbreaking jobs with great trading returns. He now hopes to change more lives by showing more people the way around smart trading. Kaif clarifies, however, that great results can only come to those who are willing to do their part.

“It’s so important to put in the groundwork when you first begin,” says Kaif. “I can spend a total of 30 minutes throughout the day and make large profits. This is not the case for those just starting out. At this point, you should be putting in hours per day to move the needle.”

This isn’t just talk for Kaif Bhatty. Anyone who’s willing to make this commitment is welcome to request access to his trading plan. This way, he can build on his dream of becoming a beacon of hope for the hopeless, one profitable trade at a time.

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