How Marissa Mazziotti Got Off the Career Treadmill by Investing and Believing in Herself

It’s common to see people who work harder and do more still get paid the same salary as those who don’t. This is a sentiment that Marissa Mazziotti, founder of Mazziotti Insurance Services, knows all too well. About three years ago, Marissa was a model employee in a private company. She was earning a good salary and, in many ways, felt like her work mattered. But over time, the same daily routine began to wear on her. Marissa became restless as each new day came without any sense of accomplishment or personal growth. The hardest part for her was that despite going beyond and above in her work, she didn’t see any benefits. Marissa felt like she had no control over her destiny and her paycheck was no different from her colleagues, who were not as hard-working. However, she didn’t see a way out.

Growing up, Marissa knew she had to get good grades, graduate with honors, and get a well-paying job. The first in her family to go to college, she felt duty-bound to make her family proud and achieve financial stability at a young age. Marissa studied criminal justice and psychology in college because she wanted to get into law enforcement but pivoted after graduation. She traveled a different route and worked for a private company in medical transportation and logistics. The reality of being an employee was different from what Marissa had envisioned. Instead of earning more for working longer and harder, she went home with the same salary as others who were not as dedicated to their work. She considered getting another degree to see if things would change and ultimately settled on getting an MBA. Which, to her demise, did not do much in terms of salary and her job position.

After three years of diligently working at her job with no upward mobility, Marissa started looking for alternatives. She stumbled upon the life insurance industry because a friend of a friend saw something about it and suggested that Marissa look into it. Marissa’s preliminary findings piqued her interest, and she explored further. The data she found shocked her. There were no requirements for start-up, other than being a hardworking individual. People from all demographics and backgrounds were making up to three times Marissa’s salary despite having far less education. What’s more, they seemed to be having more fun and were more fulfilled. Marissa felt like the data was skewed, so she set out to prove it was fake, but that was not the case.

Marissa’s training was simple and effective, but once she realized how real this opportunity was, she dove into the life insurance industry head first. She became successful weeks after getting into the industry, and with no guaranteed paycheck, Marissa’s only option was to work hard. Knowing the work she was doing was important and had a genuine impact on the lives of families deeply motivated her to be successful. Marissa quickly reaped the financial and emotional benefits of joining the industry, which pushed her to keep going. Today, her agency has scaled further and helped thousands of families while creating opportunities for people all over the U.S. who knew they wanted more.

Two short years after making this life-changing career choice, Marissa and her agency have scaled further than she ever imagined. They now help hundreds of families weekly, all while creating the same opportunity for others who are craving more from their work.

In 2021, Marissa’s first full year in the industry, the agency provided 6,000 families with coverage and is now on track to help 20,000 families in 2022. Marissa and several agents in the agency have worked diligently over the course of two years, leading it to where it is today. The team has grown substantially and now has 195+ agents, many of them being full-time employees.

Because of this business, people who have felt like a hamster on a wheel for years with their current jobs are changing their legacy and creating generational wealth. Being able to help families across the United States with their final expenses, as well as helping others get out of their comfort zone and try something new, has given Marissa a new sense of belonging and motivated her to work harder than ever before.

Marissa’s ultimate goal is to empower as many people as possible and help them achieve their version of success in the same ways she was able to reach her own.

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than to follow your passions- in a way that serves the world and you.” – Richard Branson

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