How Much Is YouTuber Trisha Paytas Really Worth?


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Who is Trisha Paytas? It depends on the day. Once dubbed “YouTube’s most frighteningly entertaining star” by Vulture, the shapeshifting vlogger has adopted various personas and looks over the years. One day they are selling themself as an emo musician, the next they are trying to convince us they’re a chicken nugget. But one thing that always remains the same is their love of drama.

Paytas spills tea like a waterfall and makes no apologies for it—even in the face of legal threats by famous actors. If you’ve never heard of them, their level of internet fame will surprise you. Find out about Trisha Paytas’ net worth and the things they did to amass that wealth.

Trisha Paytas Has Over 6 Million Combined YouTube Subscribers

Trisha Paytas has chased fame for well over a decade. The former stripper and escort has always accepted any and all offers to gain exposure. In 2006, they attempted to break the world record for speed talking via Guinness World Records Unleashed. In 2009, they appeared as Jessica Simpson in Eminem’s video for “We Made You”. Paytas even starred in a 2010 episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction for being a tanning addict.

They also have an album, a number of self-released EPs, and dozens of singles. But the internet is ultimately where they found her place in the world. Paytas launched a YouTube channel in January 2007 under the name blndsundoll4mj. It was originally dedicated to their hero, director Quentin Tarantino.

“I am going to be an actress,” they said in a 2016 video. “I am going to meet Quentin Tarantino. He will fall in love with me. We will get married. I will be the lead in every single one of his films. He will be like Uma who?”

The channel eventually morphed into serving everyday lifestyle content. Paytas also added a self-titled channel in 2014. Posts often include random rants aimed at celebrities and fellow vloggers.

For a taste of Paytas’ style, check out theirt upload titled, “Designing my house to look like Beetlejuice”:

Paytas’ blndsundoll4mj channel has 5.13 million subscribers and their Instagram account has 684,000 subscribers. Apparently having a big mouth makes big bucks—even if the vlogger denies that money is an end goal.

“I never cared about being rich or anything (still don’t),” Paytas told Insider in March 2020. “I just had (have) this constant need for attention. Maybe that’s a bad thing, maybe not, but it’s how I thrive.”

Trisha Has A Problematic Past With Drama-Filled Incidents

Paytas learned in 2012 that trolling was the key to success. A video titled “Why I’m Voting for Mitt Romney” generated 3 million views and $8,000 bucks in ad revenue. They’ve ramped up the shock factor ever since, even though many videos have been deemed problematic.

Take the time they identified as a chicken nugget. Three years later, Paytas announced they were transgender and identified as a gay man. Did that mean they were no longer “Trishhi,” their Japanese pop star alter ego?

Some might suspect Paytas suffers from mental problems. Others were outraged that they made light of gender and race issues. The vlogger claimed the former. In 2020, they posted a video explaining that they have dissociative identity disorder.

Paytas was also associated with fellow controversial YouTuber David Dobrik, but their relationship with him and his Vlog Squad didn’t end well. In March, they told Vulture that while they were dating Jason Nash (a member of Dobrik’s entourage), they were unceremoniously dumped by the crew.

“Jason was like, ‘I gotta break up with you because of David,’” they said. “That’s when I spiraled.”

Paytas was admitted to hospitals twice after the incident—once for overdosing, and then for her general addiction to painkillers.

They claim they are in a better place now. Paytas is married to Israeli photographer Moses Hacmon and actively participates in therapy. The pair welcomed a daughter, Malibu Barbie, in 2022.

Paytas says they’re currently making at least a million a year via their new platform of choice, OnlyFans.

“Everyone assumed I’d always done porn, but I never thought I would,” says Paytas, who joined last year. “But I think at 32 I was kinda like, ‘Who really cares? My image is already tarnished.’”

What Is Trisha Paytas’s Net Worth Now In 2023?

Trisha Paytas has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

YouTube used to be their bread and butter. According to Vulture, Paytas was pulling in $200,000 a year on the platform during the mid-2010s. However, they say that about 70 percent of their income comes from OnlyFans. While the company doesn’t disclose statistics and metrics related to accounts, Paytas’ following bounces between 22,000 and 32,000 per month. This puts them in the top .01 percent of creators.

In early 2022, Paytas and her fiancé spent $3.7 million for a mansion in Westlake Village, California. And like most wealthy YouTubers, they’ve shown off every glitzy detail on their channel.


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