How Princess Diana Would Have Handled Her Sons’ Sibling Rivalry


Prince William and Prince Harry remain on the outs. How would Princess Diana feel about this? What would she have done about it? The former bodyguard for the Princess of Wales is opening up about how she may have handled the sibling rivalry.

An Ice-Cold Brotherhood

In retrospect, we all should have seen the rift between the brothers coming. Maybe it was Harry’s decision to move to the United States with Meghan Markle, or perhaps it was simply a side effect of getting older. Once William got married to Kate Middleton and began raising a family, his life was unrecognizable from his youth spent with Harry. No matter how it started, there’s no denying that the brothers aren’t as close as they once were.

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No clearer was this on display than Harry’s trips to the United Kingdom. When the brothers reunited to unveil a Diana statue, they were clearly a bit frosty toward each other. It only got worse when Harry and Markle came to the United Kingdom for the Platinum Jubilee. William refused to make time to meet his niece Lilibet Diana when everybody else did. Can no one heal this rift?

Princess Diana: Healer Of Rifts

Ken Wharfe, the former bodyguard of Princess Diana, is discussing how he thinks Diana would have dealt with her sons’ issues. In Hello!, Wharfe writes, “As for the rift between William and Harry; when two siblings fight there’s usually a close relative to give advice and Diana would have taken on that role.”

Harry lacks mentorship, Wharfe believes. “She would have understood the problems that have been raised and helped her boys solve them while giving Harry the advice he seems to lack right now.” He adds that Diana would have loved seeing how Harry and William have settled into fatherhood: “There’s no doubt she would have enjoyed the relationships they have with their wives, and [would have] loved spending time with her five grandchildren.”

Tragically, A Fool’s Errand

There are nothing but compliments toward Diana from Wharfe. He writes, “Her desire was to make things better for people who needed help.” There’s no doubt this impulse would have played out with her own children.

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Tragically, this whole exercise is a fool’s errand. We have no idea how Diana would have behaved with her adult children. Wharfe isn’t close to the brothers in any way, so perhaps they already have mentors to look up to in lieu of Diana. If you look hard enough, however, you can see Diana live through Harry and William. She made an indelible impact not only on their lives but on the world. Here’s hoping the brothers can come together some day soon.

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