How Runway Waiters and Their Models Are Transforming the Event Industry


Businesses thrive on sales, and high-end events thrive on ambiance. This is where models can act as a bridge, combining the best of both worlds. Models have stunning looks and warm personalities that can enhance the ambiance of any event and boost the sales of any fashion brand. Runway Waiters, an event staffing company in the USA, combines the best of both worlds by providing top models for renowned business events. Runway Waiters works with top model agencies in the country and has recently been in the spotlight for event production.

Models have a really unpredictable career. They can be occupied for several months with modeling campaigns, runway shows, and photoshoots, then become jobless for a few months with no projects to work on. Seeing this rising demand for jobs among models, Runway Waiters came up with a wonderful idea that proved to be a win-win situation for both models and event organizers. The company provides high-profile models as staff for high-end events. This way, they elevate the ambiance and standard of service at the events.

Besides corporate events, Runway Waiters also provides models for in-store staffing and private parties. The company is also involved in the production side of events. Runway Waiters has produced events for brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Adidas. Some of the top fashion brands have also hired models from this company to display designer clothing at showrooms and stores. Runway Waiters has also taken the experience of private parties to another level by staffing top models. With this company, a model can be seen walking the ramp for a fashion show one day and passing a tray at an elite event the next.

Runway Waiters strictly works with models who are signed by top modeling agencies. So far, the company has worked with agencies like Wilhelmina, Ford Models, NEXT Models, IMG, Elite, Storm, The Lions, etc. This ensures the quality of services, be it at events, shows, or showroom modeling. Runway Waiters has a small but mighty team working behind it. The team has conducted some exclusive events so far. They have successfully staffed models for 50 renowned events across the US, and that, too, in one weekend.

Starting its journey in Los Angeles, Runway Waiters has expanded its base to all 50 states in the US and even abroad. They have produced events, staffed them, and offered in-store services, brand ambassadors, and catering staff worldwide. Runway Waiters has also started utilizing the models for other projects like Instagram influencers, event production, social media marketing, etc. The company is known for bringing the glitz of top fashion shows to private parties and corporate events.

Surviving in this industry that relies highly on trends has always been a challenge for Runway Waiters, but the team has overcome this by keeping an open mind. They never settle for just anything that works. This is because becoming complacent hinders growth in an industry that is constantly evolving. The moment the team discovers one comfortable area with event model staffing, another new trend hits the market, and Runway Waiters has to adapt to that.

Intending to become synonymous with the event model industry, Runway Waiters is looking forward to working on bigger projects globally. The company is geared up to produce more events than ever and become a sought-after name among fashion brands and event organizers.


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