How Savo Vukcevic Became the World’s Youngest Hedge Fund Manager


He is the world’s youngest hedge fund manager of all time. Described as flashy and flamboyant, 21-year-old Savo Vukcevic might be a regal fashion fan and fond of vacationing like a billionaire today, but his story didn’t always look like this. The unconventional shaping of this entrepreneur could explain his star-studded lifestyle and aggressive career growth.

Growing up in a family of stock traders, he was surrounded by the world of finance. But love for stock trading could never convert to big financial wins, and the family lived a humble life void of riches and luxury – a big contrast to Savo Vukcevic’s life today.

However, as fate would have it, the story of Savo Vukcevic’s family was about to experience a big twist and a happy ending. While they themselves couldn’t make much out of their love for stocks, their son had a natural gift for it. At a time when most of his friends were invested in playing video games, 16-year-old Savo Vukcevic was busy with other kinds of investments. That’s how RPC Fund Management was born. As one expert said in a review, “RPC is a bold hedge fund with a unique and innovative investment strategy suitable for an unpredictable world.”

The world of finance changes every minute, and only a young, driven individual can match its pace. Savo Vukcevic was built to be that person. He might be the world’s youngest hedge fund manager, but ironically, he subscribes to the old school of thought. For instance, Savo Vukcevic’s RPC Fund still doesn’t use any automated trading software in this modern age of technology.

For just 21 years of age, his experience far outweighs that of any investor in the industry. His mature take on matters much too deep for most 20-something year-olds is a refreshing change against the present ‘TikTok generation.’

“You can love me or hate me, but if I make good stock picks and other trades, I’m still going to make money, even if everyone in the world thinks Savo is a bad dude. In many other professions, your success depends on the public’s perception of you. In finance, it mostly depends on your skills,” says Savo Vukcevic.

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