How The U-Shaped Haircut Could Make Your Hair Look Thicker


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If you have fine hair, you’re likely well-acquainted with the struggle of trying anything to achieve the illusion of thicker strands. From serums to shampoos to texture sprays, there are countless products that tout their ability to give the appearance of full, voluminous hair. 

But what if a specific haircut could do much of the heavy lifting for you? Stylists now say that the secret to faking the appearance of maximum volume is asking for a U-shaped haircut.

As the name suggests, a U-shaped haircut is when the back and sides of the hair are cut in a softer, more rounded fashion such that the back of your hair looks like a “U.” This is quite the departure from other popular trends that feature extreme angles and sharper points like modern mullets and V-cuts.

But it seems as though soft silhouettes and natural textures are starting to trend again, which is great news for those with fine hair. This subtle difference in hairstyle can have a big impact on making hair appear fuller.

When you go to the salon, you should ask your stylist for a U-shaped haircut in the back (lightly cut layers with a slight curve) and shorter sides to frame your face. The layers should be subtle, not chunky, and they should blend seamlessly into your hair. This textured cut with its soft layers will add movement, which creates the appearance of thicker hair while reducing weight.

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If you think this haircut is only for long hair, you’re mistaken! It’s actually fantastic for shorter hair too, because it will bring more attention to your jawline. So if you’re going for a short bob, you can still get the U-shape. For additional face framing, you can opt for some bottleneck or curtain bangs.

We should warn you not to try this at home. Though it might look easy enough, this is a very technical cut that requires a professional. This is also a cut that will need to be maintained with more frequent salon visits to keep the shape intact. 

When styling at home, use a blow-dryer and round brush to create extra volume. For even more oomph, add some density serum or use a texture spray.

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